The first 5 lessons covered the basics, and now for the exciting stuff to get you up and running in the business of affiliate marketing.

In my last article on Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate, I covered lessons 1 to 5. As you can see, this time around I’ll be covering the remaining 5 lessons. Remember, all 10 of these lessons come with the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp lessons 1 to 5: Review

A quick word from me

Avoid the “free” website

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At this stage, I would like to draw attention to one important point for the benefit of starters at Wealthy Affiliate.

When the time comes, to build your website, don’t bother with the free website offer.

That free website will not be your property.

As such, you will not be able to continue using it after 6 months, if you do not upgrade your membership.

You need to put all your efforts into a website that you own. Using something that doesn’t technically belong to you will throw up all kinds of barriers as you progress.

Instead, when you purchase a website through Wealthy Affiliate (for around $15), it is your property and you may use it for as long as you want.

Wealthy Affiliate does not have a time limit on the free membership, and no credit card number required to get started.

Lesson 6: Getting Your Website Ready for SEO

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This lesson is rather exciting because in it you learn one of the fundamental keys to affiliate marketing. You will learn how to get your website ready for Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Once this is done correctly, your website becomes a great launching pad for your articles and blogs. Search engines will then promote your content for FREE.

This is done using SEO, which stands for search engine optimization.

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Faster and faster

SEO is a very precise process, and close attention to each step, throughout your career as an affiliate marketer, is key to your success.

By following the right steps correctly, your content will automatically achieve higher and higher rankings as your website matures. The higher your rankings, the more revenue you will generate.

Bear in mind, getting your website ready for SEO is just the first step. There is much more to learn and many more tricks to be discovered.

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Kyle and kids

As usual, Kyle has created a video walking you through the fundamentals of a successful SEO ready website and he will also show you how to set-up your All in One SEO plugin, which is going to be the framework for getting your website prepared for SEO.


Lesson 7: Your Initial Framework Of Content

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Here you will learn about another fundamental key to success as an affiliate marketer. Relevancy!

Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are interested in ONE thing. The most relevant content.

If you have a website that is SEO ready, as discussed concerning lesson 6, and then you produce engaging and consistently relevant quality content, then you’re on your way to a bright and exciting future in the world of online affiliate marketing.

Do not be overly concerned with your writing skills

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It is not necessary to be a highly-skilled writer when writing online, you just need to be relevant.

People using your keyword heading in a search engine expect to find relevant information. If your content is relevant, then you have produced exactly what search engines are looking for, and you will be giving people exactly what they are looking for.

The SiteContent Facility

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to the SiteContent platform. This is a place where you can prepare and polish what you have written before you publish. Grammar and spell checking software is available, as well as several templates you can use as scaffolding for your articles and legal pages.

There is even a program that checks for duplication.

It’s good that you can do most of your article preparation in SiteContent, however, Grammarly doesn’t function within this platform, and WordPress – where your work will be published – has the text color feature and your media library. Any images you use need to come thought that library. They need to have attached instructions that search engines can read as to why they are being used.

There is a walkthrough video at the heart of the lesson where Kyle shows you around SiteContent while pointing out all of its features and benefits, and how to make the best of them. After that, there is some “homework”, as with all the lessons.

Lesson 8: Understanding the Keyword Research Process

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Yellow Pages: “Let your fingers do the walking”

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Another vital lesson. You may have noticed that I have already used the term “keyword”. This is industry jargon for the phrase that people on the internet type into search engines.

The Jaaxy Research Tool

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We used to have the Yellow Pages. They were business directory phone books. Keywords were usually one or two words, leaving the user with further hunting to be done. Now that these directories have been mostly replaced by online information, and most of the “hunting” work is done by an algorithm.

You want your keyword to match what internet users are typing when searching for information. Wealthy Affiliate provides access to a fantastic tool to help you with this. The name of this tool is Jaaxy, and in the video presentation, Kyle will show you exactly how to use it.

Lesson 9: Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews

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Product reviews will become the core of the content you provide on your website. The internet is now the research library that most people in the world go to first. Usually, it is the only place they go to.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to do the research for these people, while at the same time offering insights that that may not have been considered. A trusted affiliate marketing website should be warning people away from certain products in addition to what is recommended.

In the text and in the video, Kyle will share many of his insights, and successful strategies that he has used over the last two decades.

Lesson 10: The Exciting Journey Has Begun

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In this lesson, Kyle truly does give you the benefit of his many years of experience.

You may have noticed in your travels online many exciting opportunities where people advertise systems that can have you start earning money instantly. I know of one such individual who uses deception to get people interested. This person is all over YouTube at the moment.

He does not deliver what he promises – a free book on email marketing – and he draws you into a situation where he asks for as much as $15,000 dollars to continue.

Another fellow turned out to be charging a far higher price than first quoted.

Have you encountered anything like this? I would love to hear about it of anything else you may have to say in the comment section below. Certainly, if you have any questions, ask them also.

In this lesson, Kyle runs you through where you can confidently expect to be during the first 12 months, and then what to expect after that. Your focus ultimately needs to be long term. Kyle goes to considerable lengths to explain this.


I have been active for just over six months and have made remarkable progress. This is the result of hard work, good training, and ideas I implemented that were not in the training.

I have demonstrated this in in-house blogs. Maybe I shouldn’t have,  because I now have people asking me for assistance with what they are doing. On the other hand, I am glad to help, because it is a fulfilling activity and as the proverb says; “You reap what you sow”.

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At Wealthy Affiliate, you can build something that will last and create substantial financial rewards. Fads like the ones I described above tend to be short-lived, or a ripoff. There have been several suspect practices that have crept into Amway – another example. These practices made a few relatively wealthy, but for most, they amounted to nothing – one that I know of in particular.

My advice is if you think you can do something good with affiliate marketing, then the sooner you get started, the sooner you can create an internet force that has a solid foundation and is trusted by tens of thousands of people.

Thank you for reading.



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