Another Kingdom by Andrew Klavan coming after 25 crime thriller novels is his first “portal” fantasy work. Another Kingdom came to him in a flash. After numerous attempts to write another crime-thriller,  he says that this story came into his head in its entirety.

Another Kingdom: a trilogy

Another Kingdom is the first book in what will become a trilogy.

It’s a story about a young guy who comes to Hollywood because he wants to be a filmmaker and he’s failing. He’s just not getting anywhere.

One day he’s at a studio trying to get some work when he walks through a door and finds himself locked in a room in a medieval castle. In his hand is a bloody dagger and in front of him is a dead body.

The door is kicked open, guards rush in, drag him out and throw him in a dungeon where there’s a troll.

This becomes a pattern: Now and then he’s on trial for murder and now and then he’s back in LA, where he is being chased by people but doesn’t know why. Unlike the Narnia Chronicles, he has no control over his movement between worlds. The story takes place in 2 different worlds simultaneously.

The Devil hates this book

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Klavan says that every time he completed a section, something bad would happen [been there done that]. One example of this is when he came home one day to discover the inside of his house was covered in caterpillars. The 11th plague?

Klavan suffered writer’s block

Klavan explains that after his memoir came out he kind of locked down. All of his previous books had been very down to earth and realistic, but he just couldn’t get back into the mystery-crime-thriller genre. His non-fiction work had canceled out his previous abilities. He’d start writing only to realize that what he had just begun to write was no good and that it just wasn’t working and wind up throwing it out. This happened several times. He thought he was done, no more novels.

Then one day while he was trying to decide what to do with his latest dysfunctional effort, a story came into his head in its entirety.

He thought, “Well, that can’t be right, my stories are always built very carefully and it’s a process that takes time.” So he decided to test it out. He started to write an outline and sure enough it was all there in completion.

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The story was a gift: downloaded to his brain

He describes “Another Kingdom” as a gift from beginning to end all he had to do was write it down.

It occurs to me as I write that a similar thing probably happened to Moses, who had the world’s first, newly created alphabet at his disposal. God truly is amazing, and it would have been Jesus because Jesus is the word of God.

The first book came in vivid detail and the following books just kind of fell into place after being set up by the first book.

By July 2019 the trilogy was finished. That was three books in less than a year.

The work is still a mystery thriller, only it takes place in a fantasy world. There are gunfights, sword fights, chases, and time travel jumps.


Since much of Klavan’s audience is relatively young and reading seems to be going out of style, especially since Twitter, they would do it as a podcast, and make use of new technology as Alfred Hitchcock would do. A lot of effort was put in including sound effects and background music.

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Klavan would give talks to Christians who were worried about the future of the country, and he would tell them that they had to pay attention to and get into the culture. They’d complain in reply with “How can we when film and television are run by atheists?” Klavan would always come back with, “Go for the new technology, get in there.” Eventually, he took his own advice and Another Kingdom on a podcast was the result. Klavan says he really enjoyed making use of this new use of technology.

For while it was in the top 10 of all podcasts, and is still in the top 100. It was put out by The Daily Wire, who also helped to promote it.

Klavan has a daily podcast on The Wire with an audience of 200,000 so he has quite a built-in following.

Andrew Klavan’s Background

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Cornell Woolrich
  • Klavan is a two-time winner of the Edgar Award, for mystery writers.
  • Author of 25 novels
  • One of his books “True Crime”, was made into a film starring Michael Douglass and directed by Clint Eastwood
  • He.s written for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
  • In 2016, his memoir was published, “The Great Good Thing: A secular Jew comes to faith in Christ”
  • Last year his latest book “Another Kingdom” was released
  • Stephen King has described Klavan as the most original American novelist since Cornell Woolrich, “Rear Window” author.


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One thing that Klavan was afraid of after his conversion was that he might turn into a “Christian writer” because he perceives them to be second-rate and overly sentimental.

The book does exhibit a Christian world view, however, in that the main character lives in 2 worlds, and that what happens in one world has an effect on and affects the other. The same way that Christians are in a fight, as Paul says, but not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness and dark principalities. Very much similar to Frank E. Peretti’s This Present Darkness.

This book or podcast is a must-read for anyone looking for something groundbreaking.

The book is available on Amazon, as you probably already noticed, but if you click here you can check out Andrew Klavan’s other books and things.


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