I first encountered the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup (60 seconds) while visiting an uncle of mine. He lives in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and likes to go prospecting for gold as I do. He told me the Coleman Cabin Tent was perfect for him because of the fast set-up that he could manage by himself, and because he could fit in 0ne or two camp cots. In Austalia we call these stretchers, well I do anyway.

If you’re traveling by car, you can have that extra comfort.  This tent is one of the most popular tents in Australia and North America, it’s from a trusted brand, and is suitable for most weather conditions.

I mentioned traveling by car, but at 4.45kg, or 9.8 lb ( 2 large bottles of soft drink), and its relatively small pack size  97 x 46 x 24 cm, or 38 x 18 x 9.5 inches you could easily take it hiking.

Spacious Tent for 2 – 4: Up in 60 Seconds

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Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds. Amazon.
  • Instant tent sets up in just 1 minute; Spacious interior has room for 1 queen airbed
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric for reliable, long-lasting use; Pre-attached poles for quicker, simpler setup – just extend and secure
  • Integrated vented rainfly improves airflow without any extra assembly needed
  • Measures 8 x 7 feet with 4 foot 11-inch center height

Available on Amazon $152.95

Uses and Benefits

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  • camping and surfing
  • camping and gold prospecting
  • camping and fishing
  • lightweight
  • short hikes
  • camping grounds
  • camping with a partner
  • Well ventilated to blow out the hot air at the end of the day
  • the nice cozy friendly feel
  • about the same cost as a pair of good sports shoes

Let’s hear what this friendly fellow has to say:

The Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is a high quality 4 man tent built for a range of Australian weather conditions. The tent has Coleman’s unique fabric blocks out the sun (and heat) allowing you to get a great night’s sleep on your next camping adventure.

The tent features a quality canvas fly and heavy-duty PVC base to ensure you keep dry in the wettest of conditions. The only downside of this tent is that it is smaller than the other 4 person tents on the Australian market.

Instant Set-up Tent:

They weren’t kidding about the set-up time, this thing goes up fast. If weight and space isn’t an issue you’d be wise to place the tent on a sturdy groundsheet, especially semi-desert conditions like those around Kalgoorlie: little rocks, coarse dirt, prickles.

As the fellow said, anyone could do it, he didn’t even bother to read the instruction – which is always a last resort. Men don’t need instructions.

It’s a great tent, I’ve been camping most of my life, as a kid and as an adult. I was in the Cobs and then the Boy Scouts and I love this tent.

Tent Rainfly

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a rainfly. Click here.

To look at the tent click here.




It’s difficult to find any faults and that from someone who has been camping extensively. I started as a Cub Scout in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.

I highly recommend this tent.

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