This solution to your insomnia works very quickly – no worries! What you want is a remedy for your insomnia that doesn’t come with a chemical hangover, right? No doctors, and no sleep clinics, and nobody else making false promises.

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Hello, my name is Garry, and for a while, I was going to work after only a couple of hours of sleep. I would still go jogging each morning, but the jogger’s high would only last until lunchtime. Little did I realize it but the sweating was adding to the problem.



The general consensus is that stress is the root cause of insomnia, but then on the other hand insomnia is a source of stress. I say that the fundamental cause of insomnia, are mineral deficiencies, caused by inadequate diet, coffee, and alcohol.

Many people under stress tend to do certain things that lead to mineral deficiencies.  Exercise sweats out minerals, and then coffee and alcohol weaken stomach acid. Weak stomach acid does a poor job of extracting nutrients.

You need to strengthen your stomach and take mineral supplements, get more sleep, and then you will have the strength to deals with the things that need dealing with, and the stress will go away (maybe not the pressure, but you can fight it).

So you’re probably asking right now, “When did minerals become so important, and why haven’t I heard this before?”

The bulk of this article discusses the proof of the importance of mineral nutrients, as well as the way you can maintain a strong stomach acid, but first of all, my story

My Story

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I was jogging every day and drinking a lot of coke and coffee during the day, and then alcohol in the evening to calm down after all the caffeine.

I’d been teaching English as a foreign language to Japanese people for almost eight years.

In spite of what you may have seen in the movie Good Morning Vietnam, it’s hard to be “up” all the time: five and a half hours of class time plus preparation daily.

Most teachers had had enough after 1 year, I stuck it out for 8. Then I went back to Australia and continued to teach there. It was then that I started having problems sleeping.

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The caffeine and the alcohol were robbing me of nutrients, and I had been losing minerals through sweating my whole life.

In Japan I had been taking saunas almost every day- sometimes two in a day.

For me, heavy exercise had always been a 5 to 6 days a week thing.

  • My red hair had faded noticeably since 1999
  • I looked much older
  • I was beginning to experience ankle and knee pain
  • By 2008 I could no longer run and I was grossly overweight

Then Dr. Wallach and his research with the HIH came to my attention, and it was kind of like, “So that’s the problem, of course!”

Twelve years of research

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Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, by Doctor Joel Wallach. Amazon: paperback: $87.68, Kindle: $33.12

There are 60 minerals the body needs and if any are missing for a prolonged period,  some kind of sickness or disease is inevitable.

This phenomenon was discovered by a renowned veterinarian pathologist, Dr. J Wallach, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (USA).

In 1966, he began taking part in research that was funded by a grant of $7.5 million to find “a canary in a coal mine” concerning pollution.

A little over 12 years later, after performing over 17,500 autopsies on over 450 species of animals, and 3,000 autopsies on humans for comparison, he found that every animal and every human that dies of natural causes, dies from a disease caused by one or more mineral deficiencies.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

30 nutritional remedies for common diseases

Growing up on a farm in Missouri

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Wallach grew up on a beef farm in Missouri.

He wondered why the calves were getting supplements but not the family – they lived off the same soil. He asked his dad about this who told him, “Shut up son, you’re getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, now get on with your work.” You can read his story in Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (1999).

So, the minerals that will quickly clear up your insomnia are calcium (preventer of 48 diseases), vanadium, and chromium (these two also combat asthma and diabetes).

Lack Of Mineral Absorption

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Betaine HCl

Have you ever considered how your body is sustained by the food you eat?

It begins with your stomach acid, it breaks down the food. From there nutrients are transported to where they are needed via blood vessels and filtering organs.

Without strong stomach acid, you are not getting the full “bang for your buck” so to speak. Valuable nutrients are passing straight through.

If you are worried about this, you can boost your stomach acid strength with Betaine HCl, taken 20 minutes before you eat.

Two things weaken stomach acid; age and the Western lifestyle. These are some of the things we consume that weaken stomach acid (Wallach,1999):

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar (yet another reason to cut back)
  • Alcohol – Ever had heartburn after alcohol. That’s your stomach trying to compensate by pumping in more acid.
  • Fizzy drinks (anything that is carbonated – including Berocca), that burp is the sound of your stomach acid having its pH level raised
  • Over the counter and prescription drugs (pain killers make your arthritis worse)
  • Ant-acid medication

My Product Page Betaine HCl

Loss Of Minerals Through Sweating

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Reggie Lewis. Died from cardiomyopathy because of a selenium deficiency

Valuable minerals come out with the sweat – mineral soup – and are not usually replaced. Gatorade only contains 6 minerals. Everybody is under the impression that sweating is good for you, but it isn’t. At one point I was taking at least one sauna, 6 days a week.

Ever notice how Olympic athletes tend to suffer serious health issues later in life (Wallah, 1999)


Mineral Deficiency Diseases



Calcium, chromium, and vanadium

These three are a dynamic combo. They all help you sleep.

  • Calcium wards off 48 diseases even reversing them including heart disease and hypertension ( high blood pressure).
  • Chromium and vanadium have been used to cure life-threatening asthma and diabetes, as well as insomnia.
  • All three together will eliminate your insomnia – within an hour or so

Vitamins need minerals

It is often said that vitamin supplements are a waste of money, and they are, without mineral supplements, that is. All vitamins need a mineral directly involved or as a co-factor for them to do anything but pass through your system unused.

Are supplements necessary?

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Mineral concentrations vary throughout the Earth’s crust, so there is generally no way of knowing what minerals are in the food you eat. Mineral content can even vary from crop row to crop row, from vegetable to vegetable. Also, our crop soils are becoming anemic because of over-farming and no rest-rotation.

Plants can manufacture vitamins using the carbon dioxide they absorb from the air. But nothing can produce a mineral. Has anyone ever succeeded in making gold, for example? Minerals that aren’t in the soil won’t be in the plants.

60 Essential minerals
To maximize the immune system

Dr. Wallavh (1999) lists 412 diseases that can be prevented by using the baseline of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 fatty acids. These are contained in the Healthy Body Start Pak form Youngevity.

At first, I attempted to put together my own collection but quickly realized that the cost would somewhere near ten times as much, and I still wouldn’t have covered everything. Lithium for example. The chemists and the vitamin shops just don’t have many of the minerals you need to complete the list of 60.

product review image
Healthy Body Start Pak. It contains 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 fatty acids.

As far as I know, there is nothing available with all 90 nutrients and in optimal dosages.

Dr. Wallach (1999) lists in the second half of his book, 412 diseases that can be prevented or reversed using The Healthy Body Start Pak.



Youngevity range of 7 Healthy Body Paks




At the beginning of 2014

I began taking nutritional supplements.

  • My insomnia disappeared
  • My mood lifted
  • After 2 months my hair color had come back noticeably
  • After 3 months the pain in knees and ankles had lessened considerably, and I was walking 2 hours each day
  • After 6 months I was jogging in short bursts
  • After 9 months I had lost 32 kg, from 133 down to 101 kg


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Since around 1910 conventional medicine has been treating symptoms rather than aiming to cure. These drugs were first made from petrochemicals from Standard Oil. Modern medicine attributes sickness and disease to genetics, which is incorrect but very convenient, and very profitable.

When it comes to surgery, modern medicine is a marvelous thing, it’s what gives modern medicine such high regard; however, surgery is not the major breadwinner.

I’ll finish with a quote from the TV series, “The Mentalist”.

Doctors are people who prescribe drugs they know little about, for diseases they know even less about, for people they know nothing about, said Patrick Jane.

I trust you found this article interesting.

I know many people are aware of the connection between minerals and the immune system but I also know that there are many more who don’t, and I am passionate about this subject.

If you have any questions or feedback, please participate in the comment section below.


Appendix: Mineral Deficiency Diseases

Mineral Deficiency Diseases

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  1. What you have written here is such an interesting topic! I do not take supplements, but your article has renewed my curiosity and I will be researching a lot more on the benefits of minerals and vitamin supplementation. Thank you!

    1. Yes, Shannon, you are on the right track. Mineral supplements become more important with every year.
      Thank you so much for your input.

  2. I like the phrase you use at the end of your article. you say modern medicine has been treating symptoms rather than the cause. I believe that is very true. Exercise and necessary supplements can help you both physically and mentally. Stess can be treated by lifestyle and exercise changes. 

  3. Hello there, Treatment for insomnia consists of improving sleep habits, behaviour therapy and identifying and treating underlying causes. I think one of the most important thing that should be worked is increasing the amount of Melatonin in the body as it plays a very vital role in the whole sleep system.

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