What was going on

In 2014, my father showed me a video of a very confident Dr. Wallach being interviewed about nutrition and health. What got my attention was his comments about how selenium – a powerful antioxidizing mineral – could reduce your risk of cancer down to less than 5%. What had gotten my father’s attention was the promise of getting out of a knee replacement operation (he never did have that operation; he’s 86, and he’s still walking and mowing the lawns).

Mainly what Dr. Wallach was talking about was his nutritional supplement program put out by Youngevity which I decided to start using after reading his book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (1999).

It was from the book I learned that sweating was very bad for you if you didn’t replace the minerals you were sweating out.

That was my problem. Heavy exercise had always been an integral part of my lifestyle, and that was what was causing premature wrinkles. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time of reading, but after 6 months I suddenly realized that the supplements were effective against wrinkles.

“Well well” I thought, “How deeya like that? This s##t actually works!”

This is a video of Pastor Benny Hinn interviewing Dr. Wallach: the founder of Youngevity.


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