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Gregg Jarrett’s Witch Hunt continues the revelation from The Russia Hoax, #1 New York Times bestseller. One such revelation was that impeachment proceedings were announced by The Washington Post, 18 minutes after Donald Trump was Inaugurated.

The prediction made 18 months beforehand in The Russia Hoaxe, was that when the Mueller Report came out, would find no plausible evidence to support allegations, from the Democrats and the FBI

Witch Hunt

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It tells the story of an astonishing action taken by people, who convinced themselves and 10s of millions of others, that Donald Trump had committed treason. They attempted to do this without credible evidence.

Jarrett lays out in the book, the facts, the evidence, and the law. A deeply researched book with more than 1500 footnotes, with everything sourced properly, and no anonymous quotes. It tells the story of how Trump’s enemies, drove themselves even harder to prove Trump had something to hide. They were still trying to make people believe that Trump was working for the Russians. People like James Corden and Stephen Colbert. A frenzied double down, after The Mueller Report, came up empty.

Witch Hunt Chapter 3: Lying and Spying

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Andrew McCabe

Originally it was intended that Hillary Clinton would carry on where Barack Obama left off. Shadowy figures drunk with power, above the law controlling a nation. These people Jarret writes were driven by hatred because they perceived Trump as a threat to their personal and political power. People like James Comey, Sally Yeates, and Andrew McCabe, were led by nothing but spite, to go to a foreign intelligence surveillance court, and lie to the judges in order to spy on the Trump campaign.


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Sally Yates

In fact, Jarrett implies, there have been many warrants obtained unlawfully (“and one wonders how often this happens”), for spying on the American public.

  • James Comey, a registered Republican and former director of the FBI, dismissed in May 2017.
  • Yates served as Acting Attorney General for 10 days. She was dismissed for insubordination by President Trump on January 30
  • Andrew McCabe former deputy director of the FBI who was fired for lying

Witch Hunt Chapter 4: The Attempted Coup

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Rod Rosenstein

Tells the story of how Rod Rosenstein plotted with Andrew McCabe to secretly wear a wire in his conversations with Trump and to recruit cabinet members to remove the president under the 25th amendment. In an interview Tramp revealed to Jarrett that he knew Rosenstein was lying to him.

  • Rod Rosenstein; United States Deputy Attorney General from April 2017 until May 2019


Witch Hunt Chapter 6: The media witch hunt

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The swamp didn’t want to be drained.

Jarrett writes that the news media were witting and willing accessories to the witch hunt hoax, of how they committed daily acts of gross recklessness and media malpractice by accepting all kinds of dubious leaks on face value. Jarrett claims they were driven by hatred and bias, and that they have squandered their only currency, which was credibility.

Chapter 6 is 54 pages long, in which Jarret identifies all the news stories that were false, underlining the justification of the Trump-coined label of “Fake News”.

(These fake news people got even uglier and much more wicked once the Corvid 19 hysteria took over the airwaves. Yet another determined angle on wrecking the President’s campaign to win the next election; obvious, but vehemently denied)

You’d be justified if you found yourself astonished and frightened by all this

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James Comey
  • Rosenstein appointed Bob Meuller as a special counsel. He did this apparently, out of vengeance and anger.
  • In 2017, Rosenstein wrote a memo recommending the firing of James Comey, a registered Republican and the then director of the FBI, dismissed in May 2017.

By getting rid of James Comey, Rosenstein thought that he would gain popularity but instead copped criticism from both sides of politics. He got angry and blamed Donald Trump. In a fit of retaliation, he appointed Meuller in violation of 3 special counsel rules which are outlined in the book. He knew what had done was wrong, and day of the appointment when confronted,  “He literally cowered slightly behind and below his desk and blubbered, ‘Am I gonna get fired?'”


Admission to Trumps lawyers

narrative imageMeuller admitted to Trump’s lawyers, in a meeting on March 5th, 2018, one year before his report finally came out, that he had no evidence. He insisted on the possibility of it still being possible to find something. He had Trump’s lead lawyer pounding on the table and shouting into his face “You’ve got nothing!”

Meuller was angry that President Trump had labeled his relationship with Rosenstein as partisan, so he stubbornly refused to enlighten people all over the world for another year.

This is an example of the unfortunate see of human nature, people hate to admit when they’re wrong, they justify everything they do, and it’s difficult to apologize.


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During that year of stalling and obstruction, Meuller’s performance in public seemed to deteriorate, according to Jarrett, and that it soon became clear that the man running the show, mostly unseen, was Andrew Weissman, from the fraud section of the U.S. Department of Justice. He had been appointed to a managerial role within Meuller’s special council team.

Weissman, a nefarious character, according to Jarret, and a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton has a long track record of evidence tampering and concealment and witness intimidation. [Isn’t that what the mafia do?]

Jarret writes at the end of the book, that the only antidote for all the lies is the truth, and that the only remedy for lawlessness is justice. Could there be a reckoning on the way?

Jarrett’s book has done a lot to get wheels of justice turning, slowly but turning all the same

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William Barr

Jarret says he is confident that newly appointed US Attorney General, William Barr, will get to the bottom of the whole mess and hold people accountable for what they did, and that criminal referral will come out of his investigations. This is obviously being vigorously resisted by entities such as The New York Times, which just hours ago effectively labeled the Trump White House as a renegade White House.

It would seem, however, that the coming reckoning has been smothered by the hoo-ha cacophony thrown up by the media surrounding the coronavirus.


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Witch Hunt is a highly persuasive and motivating book.

Anybody who wants to know what is actually going on in American politics and cut through all the fake news needs to read this book.

If American’s don’t take heed now and stand up for the truth, America as it has been known, up until now, will disappear, replaced with something that resembles China, which currently has a very cruel and controlling ruling class and is a threat to world peace, which ain’t that peaceful as it is.

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I trust that you found this interesting. If you have any feedback or questions, please participate by leaving them in the box below.

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