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How to build a website is fairly straight forward. Where to build your website is not so straight forward.

In this article, I’ll show you how quickly it can be done when you choose a good platform. In this article, I’ll explain what a platform is, and why choosing a good platform is all-important, and walk you through the building process.

At the end of this is a short video showing you how it’s done. 



How to build a website and the best place to build it

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll explain the build process shortly because you’re going to need help once you have built your site – which takes about 30 seconds.

You don’t want to be on a platform where your cries for help are answered by huge lumps of text. Confronting these things is like heading down a rabbit hole. Then at the end of your frustration, they ask: “Was this helpful?” Been there done that!

What you want are 10 or more people to jump to your rescue 24/7. That would be Wealthy Affiliate, the platform I finally found. People just love being there and they are always eager to help. They come from all over the world. Wealthy Affiliate is a 24hr party, in between hard work. The place never sleeps.

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Wealthy Affiliate offers to host your website for free along with a free “Bootcamp” of ten lesson modules. For more on this and screenshots. There is a button toward the end of this article.

At Wealthy Affiliate, as a free member, for the first week, you get the opportunity to try everything out (there’s no time limit on the hosting or Bootcamp) and then decide whether or not to become a full member.

There are some bonuses if you upgrade in the first seven days, including a 59% discount on the first month’s fee. You pay $19 instead of $49.

After a month if you decide that you didn’t like it you can come back here and tell me off. I can take it.

At the end of this article is an Appendix table showing you the difference between free and full membership.

Building Your Website

Building Your Website is Lesson 3 of Bootcamp; after Getting Started, and Choosing Your Direction.

You have the choice of buying a domain (website address, eg: or taking up a free site. Typically a domain you own costs $13.99 US per year. If you’re serious I suggest you own one from the start and forgo the freebie. It will save you time later.

Once you have your domain then take it to the hardworking builders and

  1. Choose a name for your site – may be the same as your domain name, maybe a slight expansion. You can always change it later.
  2. Overlay your domain with a theme of your choice. A theme is what determines what your site will look like; there are 1000s to choose from.
  3. Hit the build button and you’re away – after that, is when the fun starts.

Your website is powered by WordPress but it isn’t hosted by a WordPress platform.

Hint: don’t even bother with WordPress help, its a rabbit hole.

Other Platforms

  • Can be extremely expensive $$$
  • Tend to be rather slow in giving you support zzz
  • Aren’t nearly as social as WA 🙂
  • Have nowhere near the same level of training
  • Charge $30 to $50 for a domain $$$
  • Take 2 or 3 days to build your website zzz

Website Build Demonstration Video

By me!

Email Marketing

This month, for premium members only, there is a brilliant training course on Email Marketing on Jay’s weekly live webinars.

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Jay from Magistudios doing the first of a series of webinars on email marketing. Exciting stuff!

In that first lesson, Jay walked us through the way to go about setting up an email sequence. I imagine the course will run for another 4 weeks at least.

Jay’s platform Magistudios has an archive for premium members, so we can go back and watch the lessons as many times as we like.

For more details about Wealthy Affiliate head over to My Wealthy Affiliate Review, by clicking below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


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Building your website is just the first step, and believe me, there is a lot to learn after that. Then there are the alligators. Do you know what I mean? By alligators, I mean the unforeseen technical problems or challenges that you aren’t quite sure how to deal with or, for that matter, no idea at all.

Wealthy Affiliate can be your weapon to fight off these alligators!

Then there are all the things you never considered, that you suddenly see the value of when you first hear them.

Overcoming problems and hearing about new ideas are two of the really great things about Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate without any reservation. It’s a happy place.

To learn more about the training at Wealthy Affiliate;

Wealthy Affiliate Review Get Started Now

What are your thoughts?

If your thinking about building a website, or you have already built one I’d really like to hear your story.

Sometimes when I tell people about what I’m doing at Wealthy Affiliate they ask me about how to build a website. I give them a brief run-down and ask them if they have been thinking about building one. Sometimes I get some very interesting responses.

Perhaps you have already built a website. I did this before getting started with Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t do much with it because I wasn’t sure what to do. After getting started here at Wealthy Affiliate I gained a sense of confidence and purpose and really got stuck in.

It would be great if you could tell me about your experiences in the comment section below.

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All the best, and thank you for reading.




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8 thoughts on “How do I build a website, and where?

  1. I might be a bit biased as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I will recommend it to anyone who wish to make money online. Well done on your video demonstration it gives so much insight into what WA offers. It really is worth joining!!

  2. When I first joined wealthyaffiliate, I built a free website in seconds which later on I transferred into a a website I paid for because apparently google prefers such a website and rank it better than they do a free website and due to wealthyaffiliate it was done within a few seconds. Transferring from a free to a paid website is also very easy and with the help of support I had no problems whatsoever. This is one of the reasons I am such a huge fan of wealthyaffiliate because their support is very fast as I am able to get help in a very short time

    1. Hi Manuel, I am so pleased to hear from you. You’re a wise fellow. 

      Thank you for the time you took to drop me a line. I appreciate it.

      Basically I went through the same process as you.

      Although it is only 6 months ago, it seems like a lifetime since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best, God bless you,


  3. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a better option for building a website. I signed up with hostgaotor and wix before and over time it get expensive, I had to pay extra for the feature that it should be provided such as web security and all. I love the fact that it is not just about web hosting only but it is a one stop shopping, WA provides some training as well and also if you want to make money you can promote it and it is awesome that there is a training for that as well. I love that you compare technical problems with alligator lol

    1. Hi Nuttanee, thank you for your thoughtful insights.

      I too tried some other options after joining Wealthy Affiliate, and it was then that I began to appreciate just how good Wealthy Affiliate is and not just for building and developing a website.

      I really like learning new ideas that are shared by other members.

      All the best,


  4. Hi  Garry 

    As you say building a website  nowadays  is not too difficult  but finding a host  site to show it is not; it can be both time consuming  and costly. There is always cosy for everything from the domain to running costs and if one provide can do this for no additional cost then it will be a big bonus indeed. I think that Wealtht Affiliate  give  you the tool and the support to able to build a successful website.  It will take time and effort but worthwhile if you are prepared to do so.



    1. Yes, I totally agree with you of course.

      Wealthy  Affiliate is a safe place to be.

      Maintaining a website is the thing that is important.


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