Katie Hopkins’ latest book is called Rude. It’s often funny, but the part that tells of her terrifying struggle of adversity with epilepsy is astonishing.  Apprentice: she also tells the story of her triumph on the UK version of The Apprentice.

Overcoming great challenges and great adversity

Rules and Order

Hopkins says she loves rules and order but thinks that some people go too far with this sought of thing.

In Switzerland, apparently, if you don’t cross the road in the correct manner people often rebuke you loudly. Hopkins says they have no personality. “They have no risk and they take no chances, so if they see someone crossing the road before the light has changed, it’s enough for them to lose their tiny minds.”

The Intelligence Core in Sandhurst

Hopkins loves a challenge. If she finds something though she can’t resist trying to beat it. “If there’s something hard I need to go prove that I can do it.” There were lots of squats and lots of pull-ups, and don’t you dare tell her that women are weaker than men. The women had to do the same training as men.

“The Apprentice” in England

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Lord Sugar of The Apprentice

She told him there were many other people who were far more desperate than she was, and that he was welcome to them. (Ha, ha, ha!)This is where Katie became famous. She became famous because she was a very outspoken figure, and because she made it through to the end and then told the boss he could stick his job.

Not very British

In Britan, people don’t behave like that: ” In Britan, we just don’t do that, so if we have something unkind to say about someone, people creep inside their houses, shut the door, and whisper it to their friends.”

Then she got invited onto morning shows on TV. She would address a number of issues because she has opinions about everything.

What she particularly liked to talk about was overweight people because they refuse to own their own problem. She once leaned over to an overweight woman and said you don’t move enough and you’re overweight and I wouldn’t employ you.

Typically people don’t say things like that because it would be considered rude.

Crazy old lady screaming at the rain

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There is one clip where Katie talks about the names of children in the UK and it is rather bizarre. People may think these things, but good old Katie says them.

People might say oooh she’s evil but Katie says that if she was just screaming out things that were untrue she’d just be a crazy old lady screaming at the rain. But she is a real mom who does housework she manages to connect with people.

Katie says she is supernormal and she knows what people are thinking and that some of the baby names that come out are appalling, and everybody knows it.

The name “Tyler”

For Katie, the name Tyler was one of the worst. “Tyler” is the name of the biting kid.

Tolerance is destroying Western culture

Western Europe has completely failed to stand up for its own culture. People would rather tiptoe around trying not to upset the Muslims. Katie Hopkins is very clear in her own mind that the UK will fall to the Muslims unless something miraculous happens.

Rather than become British, Muslims have kept their culture and seem fully intent on overwhelming the culture they are invading. They have a very high birthrate and will soon outnumber the white population.

Muslims are taking over centers of power, and London for example is completely beholden to them. Katie says that although the are many great MuslimLeicester s, this current invasion is not right.

In Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, and Leicester, Katie insists that she is a minority in these places. Saviltown is 97% Muslim.

Speaking against the general narrative has brought Katie under attack

  • She’s had her professions taken away, she used to write for several newspapers
  • Two Jihadis set out to behead me
  • Two of her three children have been reported to social services
  • She isn’t allowed near the BBC or any of the mainstream media

People in the UK are no longer allowed to watch Fox News; it’s been taken off the air.

Battle with epilepsy

She’s been fighting epilepsy since she was 18 or 19, in some ways Katie explains, this fight has shaped the way she generally – a fighter. “There’s always been a fight going on for me.” At first, it was quite mild, she would disappear for little bits, people would ask her if she was okay, “Oh yes I’m fine”, and then she would move on.

They developed, however, as she got older, to the point where she would drop to the ground. Once as she was speaking to her husband on the phone Katie had an attack that was quite severe. She bit into her tongue and there was a lot of blood. A woman came up, pick up the phone, and told her husband that she thought she had been shot.

The epilepsy is something Kaie has tied to hide all her life. She says it makes her feel freaky and weird. Fortunately, the fits would only come at night most of the time. Unfortunately, the fits usually involved the dislocation of both her arms, so she would need to visit the ER at 3 am or thereabouts, before going to work.

There is also a piece of her skull missing. Katie decided to have brain surgery, and there was a problem refitting the bone that was removed. She is currently waiting to have this rectified. The piece they tried to put back went “manky” and she got meningitis. Somebody she says forgot to wash there hands after going to the bathroom (negligence: the unreported crime of modern medicine).

The good news is that now the fits have stopped, and there is hope, Katie says, for all the other suffers. Katie feels set free and feels she can do anything.

Her Husband Loverly Mark

Katie Hopkins’ husband is Mark, but everybody calls him loverly Mark. When people find out who she is, they often phrase their reaction as a question, “So you’re married to loverly Mark?”

Leftist social services

They have tried to take away her children five times.

When there is a report made to authorities, social services have to come around to check on the kids. Katie feels that this is fair and propper there seems to be a double standard in play because no one bothers to report the Pakistani rape squads when they pluck kids off the streets to inflict all kinds of atrocities. If ever they are the victims and their families tend to be treated badly by the authorities.


Recently there was a free speech event scheduled for Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. One of the speakers was going to be a Canadian woman, a journalist. She was young and enthusiastic and had never been in trouble with the law. She had taken a circuitous route and was on a bus in Calais when she was hauled off and taken into custody. She was refused entry into the UK on the basis of future hate speech, as yet unsaid, that might upset local communities.

Hate Speech Laws In The UK

subject image
Sadiq Khan. Mayor of London at the forefront of the Liberal Left

A friend of Katie’s, a fine hard-working Catholic woman, in Katie’s opinion, was arrested in her home for telling her children in her home, that there were only two genders. She was kept in a police cell for seven hours.

Another friend of Katie’s lost her job for retweeting something that Katie had tweeted.


Silent Exodus From Western Europe

People are heading for Hungary, Poland, and Israel. There is a new wave of migration underway but nobody is talking about it as yet. At the heart of all this is the falling away from Christian faith.

Sexual Transitioning In Schools

The other factor is the dark agenda of the British education system. It is now compulsory, for example, for young children to study LGBT material. Schools are now allowed to transition children from one sex to the other without parental consent. Katie tells of how one set of parents discovered from one of their daughter’s teachers at parent-teacher night, that their daughter was now identifying as a boy and the school was assisting “him” to transition.

People over the age of 70

These people are being treated particularly badly. Katie points out that there is a push to ignore sick people in their 70s who can’t pay for their health care without assistance.


The same spirit that inspired fascism and communism has taken over the UK.

Katie says our last hope is Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

To see Katies’ new book and two others head over to Amazon here.

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8 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins: Rude – Apprentice – Adversity

  1. An interesting read about a woman I had not heard off but certainly have emphasis with.
    We all feel like the crazy lady shouting at the rain with the new Right Way of seeing things.

    Funny those that are mostly criticized  grow up without the restrictions now placed on us to speak our mind.
    It is not a world for the better as mental issues grow quicker than we can adapt to a new society.

    Peter H

    1. Thank you so much for your wise words, Peter.

      You seem to get what millions of people refuse to consider.

      The world needs more people like you.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is about Katie Hopkins. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. The more I look at this woman, the more fascinated I am because of how she has adapted to her adversity. I will definitely learn more about this lady later by purchasing the new book from Amazon.

    1. Hi dear Asraful, thank you so much for your contribution to this conversation.

      She has had a battle, and that is for sure.

      Katei Hopkins is a fine example of what you can achieve if you never give up!

      Kind regards, Garry.

  3. Hello there, I have seen a lot of Katie’s books and they always have a message that you can learn from and that’s why I really love reading her books because they help me grow in so many ways I can’t start mentioning. This book titled “Rude” seem like yet another great book to learn from and I will take my time to get it soon

  4. The story about Kate Hopkins is intriguing. I find her to be a person who speaks out loud on what’s on her mind. I hate to talk about politics. But here are social things that are wrong and need to be address to a sane level. That part where they are helping kids to change their genders based on feelings, is not right. What they need to do is to teach kids to accept themselves as the way they were born. You can’t change your DNA that identifies you as a male or female. So why should a person mutilate his or her body to change it to another gender when it is actually not?  Kate might seemed crazy to most, but the lady do have a point on things that are baseless. The world is getting crazier. Thanks for an interesting article.

    1. High John, thank you so much for your input.

      It just seems to me that the world is going mad like Germany went mad in the 1930s. People who know the truth, should stand up now and be heard before it gets too dangerous.


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