subject imageIs there a possibility of mail ballot fraud in the US: Social distancing has become a political weapon in US Democrat hands?

US Democrats are using social distancing laws to swing the 2020 Presidential Election, through mail ballot fraud.

After the reckless lawlessness of the attempted impeachment of Donald Trump just recently, and their legal maneuvering currently underway, the possibility of rigging the next election via mail ballot fraud is obviously what the Democrats have been testing with the intention of rigging the election. Now we learn that the vote-counting software being used by Democrat-run states is an even more potent weapon against fairness.

It looks like Democrat political ambition, with its lies, spies, and dirty deeds will drive them to fight on and double down to the bitter end, cheered on by mainstream media and social media all the way.

I personally am astounded at the way Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, think they can get away with things, under the cover of self-righteousness, false innocence, and false logic. Much like Satan in The Garden Of Eden. “It’s a health issue” come on!

Constitutional Law Attorney Jenna Ellis

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Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis is a private counsel to President Trump, as well as a senior fellow at the Falkirk Center, Liberty University – one of the largest evangelical Christian universities in the world.

She says that the biggest overall problem America is facing at the moment is the public’s access to the franchise of voting. There are three places in the US constitution where the right to vote is preserved and protected, but according to Jenna Ellis, this right is currently under threat of being taken away.

Here is what she is concerned about, in light of the high levels of government corruption, and the coronavirus pandemic:

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Governor Gavin Newsom
  • The upcoming US presidential election is now in jeopardy
  • The coronavirus will be used as a pretext to change American election law
  • Ballot harvesting
    • There is a push for a mailout only voting process
    • Californian Governor Newsome thinks it will be too dangerous for people to go to the polls in September.
    • He wants to mail out live ballots to every person in California

Update: Jenna Ellis on voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election

Elizabeth Warren

Has been described as a cross between an angry schoolmarm and a stern nurse who is about to give you a rectal exam.

This is a joke, isn’t it? Surely people won’t fall for this lunacy, will they?

Have a look at what the loony left is up to.

Legal Challenges To Election Law

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  • The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other Democrat funded organizations, are already challenging election law in court and are using the pandemic as a cover to do this.
    • Their goal is to remove every safeguard against tampering
  • If you sell your soul to the Devil there’s no point in winning.

Ballot Mailout and Collection

Problems with live ballot mailouts

There is no way to ascertain if the ballot

  • Is going to the correct address
  • Is going to someone who is deceased
    • In the past IRS, checks have been sent to dead people
  • Is going to a properly registered voter

Problems with ballot harvesting

  • A third party comes around to collect the ballots
    • This creates a chain of custody issue
      • If a voter hasn’t voted in the “correct and proper way”, the collection agent can then dispose of that ballot and no one would ever know
        • [This sort of thing actually happened in Australia with the same-sex marriage referendum. In areas that were considered anti-gay large piles of undelivered vote slips were found dumped in out-of-the-way places. Reports of this leaked out but were quickly buried.]
    • A vote could even be modified

The General Flynn Situation

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General Flynn

The issue here is that law enforcement must always be done in the spirit of advancing justice, but in the case of General Flynn, this isn’t what happened. Prosecutors had a political agenda. It was a case of malicious prosecution by the FBI. To begin with, Flynn had grossly incompetent representation. Then the FBI;

  • Entrapped Flynn in his words
  • Accused him of lying by omission after asking him vague questions
    • Like saying “Ahah!!! you left a few things out! You lied to us!”, after asking “What did you do last year?”
  • Then told him that the only way he was going to get out from the situation with minimum jail time, was to plead guilty
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Sidney Powell
    • Plea bargaining happens in over 90% of cases. Ellis says she knows this for a fact because she used to be a prosecutor
    • Guilty pleas are not necessarily an indication of the facts
    • Guilty pleas are just contracts between prosecutors and defendants to resolve cases
    • Flynn’s plea was coerced
    • It wasn’t until Sidney Powell that the charges were thrown out
      • [And didn’t the left-wing press howl and moan about it, The New York Times, for example]
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Michael Barr

    • Somehow  even Barrak Obama got involved offering support to the FBI
    • Ellis contends that everyone involved in the prosecution should be prosecuted themselves
    • Flynn is now almost penniless

Sidney Powell

The following is a lecture given by Sidney Powell in March 2020:

Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse; specifically, the massive criminal conspiracy surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

And today, November 14, 2020, I found this.

I predict as Sydney Powell that Donald Trump will win in a landslide. I felt this way a month ago. I mean how could Trump do anything else when his opponent fading Joe Biden.

The left-wing liberal supercilious worldview

I know better than you. That gives me the right to make your life miserable, and you will do what I say, or eff you!

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