In this article, in addition to the gameplay, I will be discussing my insights on making money by posting games on YouTube, affiliate marketing with a gaming niche, and learning email marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.

Hi, my name is Garry, and within this article on StarCraft 2 gameplay, I have posted 2 examples of my own gameplay. They are the missions Supernova and Maw Of The Void, on the Brutal level of difficulty.


In Supernova, the object is to capture an artifact while outpacing a wall of fire; so there is a time constraint thrown in. The main base and other buildings have to be constantly relocated.

There is also the task of collecting three relics along the way, so they can be studied and if possible reverse engineered. During the mission, I was able to scan a forward position I didn’t intend capturing so that I could drop in a mule to collect one of the relics.

After one restart, I complete the mission successfully, while nailing the secondary challenges, and have a near-perfect run on the highest level of difficulty.

3 Videos

There are 3 videos; the first is a short introduction and a quick tour around the Battlecruiser “Hyperion”, which has been commandeered by the rebel leader Jim Raynor.

The 2nd video is the Supernova mission. There is no commentary from myself because at that stage I hadn’t as yet discovered the microphone button.

Maw Of The Void

The 3rd video is another mission: Maw Of The Void, also on Brutal.

It is a mission of patience and my ridiculous oversight.

Intro, and a quick tour of the battlecruiser Hyperion

Supernova on Brutal



Gaming Niche

With gaming, it is possible to earn some money posting exemplars on youtube. The only trouble is that there is a mountain of competition, and you need to have accrued 100 hours of viewer time before you can partner up with YouTube.

I decided on a different tack.

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote gaming hardware and other things, by partnering with companies like Amazon and Clickbank.

By far the best platform to get started from is Wealthy Affiliate.

Membership is free for as long as you like. Kyle the owner will show you everything you need to know to do what I have just described.

You have access to everything that a premium member has access to for the first 7 days. Premium is $49 US  per month.

If you upgrade to Premium in the first 7 days there are bonuses, but it’s perfectly okay and workable to remain on free membership indefinitely.

Email Marketing

This month, for premium members only, there is a brilliant training course on Email Marketing on Jay’s weekly live webinars.

product review image
Jay from Magistudios doing the first of a series of webinars on email marketing. Exciting stuff!

In that first lesson, Jay walked us through the way to go about setting up an email sequence. I imagine the course will run for another 4 weeks at least.

Jay’s platform Magistudios has an archive for premium members, so we can go back and watch the lessons as many times as we like.

For more details about Wealthy Affiliate head over to My Wealthy Affiliate Review, by clicking below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


I really hope you enjoyed the videos. I know I need to work on my commentating skills – I’ll get better with practice. It certainly took a lot of practice to complete those missions on Brutal.

Something completely different

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Grampians Adventure


Thank you for your visit. If you would like to say or ask anything, please leave a note in the comment section below and I promise I’ll get back to you.




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10 thoughts on “Star Craft 2 gameplay: Supernova on Brutal

  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to get into gameplays but have not known how for a while and have been trying to do some research on it. I really appreciate this article and the details. And at the end, I see that there’s gonna be a lesson taught on email marketing. I’ve been trying to get into that too… I appreciate you adding that on to the article!

  2. Thank you for sharing here. I have actually been introducer to this game by a friend and seeing someone like you write so much content on it shows the level of your passion for it and this is a lot for me to consider and dive into the playing of this game. Since it seems this site is built around this game, I guess I would visit more often to get ahead of most levels here. Thanks

    1. Hi Kimberly. Thank you for your input.

      This website is actually concentrated on other things. The SC II will just be a fun sideline.



  3. Hello Gary, this is what I am really waiting for because I really like such wonderful games. I am currently looking for a good game and I really haven’t seen anyone that I quite like as much as I like this star craft and from.your explanations in this articles, it will be so nice to get it as soon as possible and have all the fun. Cheers

    1. Hi Justin.

      Yes, StarCraft II is a lot of fun. There is a danger, however, of getting hooked and spending too much time on it.

      All the best for the future,


  4. Hello there,

    Thanks for sharing this Great Article and review on StarCraft 2. Gotten a lot of information already just going through this article. This happens to be my first time of hearing about this. StarCraft seems like a pretty cool competitive game to play. I love this Supernova on Brutal level already, I played a game with similar context sometime ago, This sound not be too difficult for me I am glad I came across this. I am definitely getting this game

    1. My effort was done on the most difficult level of difficulty. Make sure you begin on casual difficulty.

      Thanks for your comments.


  5. I am excited about this gaming niche thing. I discovered here on your site that I could also build a site to monetize my pasion for gaming. And I am also learning that I could target a gaming niche. Talk to them about tricks and special experience I have gathered and monetize my knowledge.

    1. There a whole section of gaming products on Clickbank where you can be an affiliate marketer.

      Thank you for your feedback,


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