Double-cross the double-crosser. Watch Matt Horner squirm when an old flame shows up. Meet Colonel Orlan and Mira Hann, and get involved in some wheeling and dealing Race against Orlan to make a deal with Mira Hann.

Jamm TV “Wings of Liberty” Mission 8 Cutthroat:

Some people who have posted videos of Cutthroat on Brutal, overlook the “Spider Mine” achievement, which requires 25 kills using the spider mines laid down by the viper attack bikes which are a gift from Mira Han.

I managed 29 kills and finished the mission in just over 28 minutes. That attempt included a “load last checkpoint”, so I did it again but took a little longer (see video below).

As you begin, don’t forget to put your Command Center, Barracks, etc., on control groups. This will enable you to operate them remotely; this is very important in the first half since time is precious because it’s a race.

A couple of extra vultures helps with speed and allows you to lay down more spider mines.

The mission is in two parts

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Spider Mines

In the first part of Cutthroat, there is the “Solitair” achievement. To get this achievement; you must complete the first part must without building any SCVs (mineral mining, building, and repair).

The first part is a race against Colonel Orland to buy off  Mira Hann.

The Story so far

Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk used to be friends. Jim thought Mengsk could be an agent of change for the better, but Mengsk became just as bad as the tyrant he replaced.

They parted company and Raynor, for a time, was an outlaw until he became sheriff in Mar Sara, and people’s hero.

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Mira Hann

Much like Adolf Hitler, Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk is searching for powerful artifacts. (The Dominion: an evil organization much like its namesake in real life)

An old acquaintance of Raynor’s, Tychus Findlay informs him of this and they go into business together with the intention of grabbing these artifacts before Mengsk can get to them, and then sell them to the “Moebius Foundation”.

Somewhere along the way, Raynor’s current 2IC, Matt Horner, joined a card game where unbeknownst to him, mercenary Mira Hann, as a bride, was the prize. He grudgingly got married but has been dodging her ever since.

The Recent Story

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Jim Raynor had sent an adjutant (military assistant – in this case robotic) to a decryption expert, Colonel Orlan, for him to decrypt secret information it contained; even though he had a reputation as not being very trustworthy.

Raynor had “acquired”  this adjutant while robbing Dominion trains on Tarsonis. Raynor had not been able to discover why it had been so important to the dominion they would hide it amongst a series of trains – like in the Edward Norton version of the movie The Italian Job.

Orland had decrypted the information the adjutant contained but had decided to sell the adjutant back to The Dominion.

The information Orland had uncovered was very sensitive because it exposed  Emperor Mengsk as the tyrant he truly had become.

Orland had hired Mira Hann to keep Raynor off his back until The Dominion arrived. Mira however, because of a soft spot for Matt Horner, decided to double-cross Orland; effectively double-crossing the double-crosser.

Hann is prepared to stand by and allow Raynor to capture and take back the adjutant if he can come up with a payment equal to Orland’s before Orland does.

She’s demanding 6000 units of minerals. To secure this amount the troops must collect enough salvage, as well as what is mined.

A good way to slow Orland down is to blow-up his mining operations. KABOOM!

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Colonel Orlan

Part 2

This is fairly straight forward. All I did was build a force of 200 units and then march straight in and capture Colonel Orland. It was relatively easy, even on Brutal.


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These are attack bikes with powerful laser blast guns. Many gamers say they are weak and have little respect for them. They are, however, important for the third achievement of 25 kills with the spider mines they lay down.




Vulture Quotes


“Cutthroat” Mission Video

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