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I did it with one second to spare, YAAAAAAAAAA!

In this, my version of the “Outbreak” mission I only use Reapers. They are faster and have far better firepower than Hellions (the new weapon that is suggested).

In the video, I’ve posted (below), you will see me get all the achievements, on Brutal, with one second to spare, before the 5th nightfall. Time was my only difficulty.

Toward the end, blowing everything to smithereens is great fun.

Then in the second part of this article, I look at how enthusiastic gamers can create their own blog. See Table Of Content opposite.

The crucial key to this mission

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Fire Bat

Always important, but even more so here, is building an army in the absolute quickest possible time.

To do this you need to stay around 10 units of supply ahead of what you have in the “build” cue.

In the early stages of the game spread your income evenly, between mineral and gas production, supply depots, and “Reaper” production.

The “Hell Bat” (Fire Bat) mercenaries are good for defending the base

You’ll soon get what I mean.


I built;

  • 4 Bunkers
  • 6 Perdition torrents
  • 1 Engineering bay
  • 1 Vespene gas refinery
  • 5 Barracks


Looking back; I probably should have taken some Medics along with the Reapers and destroyed more buildings on the 4th night.

One thing I note often is that when you look at other missions done on Brutal, posted on YouTube, is that they don’t bother to get all the achievements.

As it was, it was a simple straight forward clean strategy that was lots of fun. Many would probably say that “Outbreak” is a relatively easy mission, even on Brutal.

Nevertheless, a clear plan is needed because there are many ways to get it wrong.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Video: “Outbreak” on Brutal with all the achievements


Part 2: Start your own blog

If you had your own blog you could:

  • Post games of your own
  • Talk about what is going on in the gaming community; whichever one you’re most involved in
  • Talk about new games
  • Provide reviews
  • And best of all create an extra income for yourself which has the potential to become very substantial – you could earn enough money to make it your sole source of income

Affiliate Marketing

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Zygor is currently looking for affiliate marketers to partner with them to promote their World of Warcraft guides through a company called Share A Sale. There are several similar opportunities.

It’s largely about being interesting while providing information that gamers are looking for.

If your interested in gaming this is a wonderful opportunity for you. Imagine a job you love that pays…

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Good ol’ WinterStarcraft: Keep, trying buddy (I didn’t stick it out to the bitter end) Did you finally do it?


Creating an online presence with minimal financial outlay

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Affiliate marketers tend to use search engine optimization – SEO – rather than pay for a good position in Google search engine results. This is the part of affiliate marketing that greatly benefits from training. There are so many snakes to hold you up or pull you down, and so many ladders that you’ll never find on your own.

It’s not just a matter of building a website and expecting companies like Google to take any notice.

Trying to make it on YouTube

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According to YouTube:

There are four golden rules to making money on YouTube, and they are: You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months. You comply with all of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

Overnight Success?

People pay 15 to 20 thousand dollars for this after responding to slick advertising on YouTube. Everything is free, to begin with, there is a lot of froth and bubble until it comes time for some actual training.

One exuberant fellow promised the world. Showed us pictures of him with a-lister celebrities, said I would only have to pay $900, but when it came time to pull out my credit card for the first time the asking amount was more than $3000.

I can only imagine what would have come next. The 15 to $20000 anecdote involved another fellow I didn’t proceed with. I only got the further story after sharing what I had encountered with the people on the affiliate platform that I work from

This guy just got angrier and more aggressive, “click that button, click that button!!!” The only reason I held out for 3 hour hours, was that this guy had promised a free booklet on email marketing if I stayed to the end. I doubt there was an end, but I don’t know because I finally gave up on my free booklet. (I had started cleaning up the kitchen after hour one.

“Wa wa wa wah!”

Wealthy Affiliate

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate. They just concluded a series of live weekly webinars on email marketing (part of their membership). The recordings of these can be accessed in the training section.

Video: The beginning of one of the email marketing webinars.

Wealthy Affiliate is better

Wealthy Affiliate is better than WordPress, it’s better than Go Daddy, and it’s better than Blue Host (been there done all that).

After creating the website from which I now work, since last June, the average position my articles are achieving in Google search engine results, is around 16, which lands them on the second page, and that was all made possible by the training I got at Wealthy Affiliate.

Last month my average position was 50.

I’m getting better.

Three kinds of membership

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Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. Premium fees can be paid annually or monthly.

Premium is around $500 per year; there are discounts for this and that.

Premium Plus is around $1000 per year (you get extra training)

Free is free and you don’t need a credit card number.

I upgraded to premium after being a free member. Instead of continuing, I spent two years playing StarCraft II.

I should have been doing both at the same time.

I had no idea, however, that StarCraft II would come in handy for this stuff. LOL.

“What?! I can actually use this shit? You kidding me!? (who would have thought).

Which membership?

In my opinion, there is enough training – ample training – in the $500 package. I leave it up to you.

On the other hand, you won’t get far with free membership; as I soon discovered.

To see a table comparing Free membership features and premium click this link: Free Membership vs Premium at Wealthy Affiliate: Table

Click on the link below, to sign up for your free membership and have a look around.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Final word

I hope you enjoyed your time here, thanks for the visit. Perhaps you have some questions. I would be happy to answer any if you leave something in the box below to the best of my knowledge.

I got started in earnest last February; I have learned bucket loads since then.

My middle name is James




Wealthy Affiliate Review

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