It’s a dirty job!

The Dig Mission is  “a dirty job” (but someones gotta do it) dumped on Tychus Findlay after the Moebius Foundation team mysteriously disappeared trying to retrieve an ancient artifact from the planet Xil.

In this mission, I destroy more than 60 Protoss structures, well and truly satisfying the requirements for Yippee-ki-yay!!!


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Achievement awards for “The Dig”


“The Dig” mission is the mission that unlocks the prophecy missions. The prophecy missions will earn you a lot of excellent tech upgrades when you come back to the main missions.

Conversations after the last mission



Prior to this mission, the Moebius boys thought they could waltz in and garb an artifact they had detected. The trouble was that the extraction team disappeared and were never heard of again; so they put Tychus on the job.

He seems happy about this because for some reason he’s expecting to get hazard pay.

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Tychus Findlay

The planet seems totally disserted at first but Jim soon discovers what happened to the Moebius team.


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The laser drill left behind by the Moebius boys

The main focus in this mission for me was the “Yippee-ki-yay…” achievement, which requires you to destroy 50 Protoss structures on hard difficulty – of course, I’m doing it on Brutal difficulty here. Previously I had only been successful on Hard difficulty. Really it was just a matter of telling myself that it was possible.

I used Barracks structures as spotters for the laser drill. This allowed me to target  Protoss units and structures. Doing this was easy enough on Hard difficulty, but a little more difficult on Brutal.

The hardest part is getting the Barracks buildings down through the eastern base. From there I made my way up behind the drill target and crept over to the northwestern corner of the map. From there it was easy.

In hindsight, I would suggest getting down the east side as quickly as possible. The “low hanging fruit begins from the NW corner.

From there you can destroy 4 or 5 structures and wait for the probes to come back and start a rebuild.

While your concentration is away from the base so much, it is essential that you fortify it heavily before you begin

Using the drill so much effectively takes away the time pressure.


Extra difficulties on Brutal

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High Templar

The difference is the extra unit types. When doing it on Brutal you have to contend with High Templars and Carriers, in addition to everything that was thrown at you on Hard difficulty – if indeed you have done this mission on Hard.

The High Templars can easily be dealt with by Seige Tanks with weapons upgrades (giving them extra range). The High Templars need to be taken out before they get close enough to perform their witchcraft.

The Carriers, which tend to hang back, need to be knocked out with the Laser Drill.

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Protoss Carrier

To get the required tally of 50, I cleared out the Protoss bases on the right and a whole lot of structures on the left. The probies kept setting them up, and I kept knocking them down. In the end, I decided to get 10 or more than I needed to, just for the hell of it.

On Brutal difficulty, the relics are guarded by Phoenixes and Stalkers as well as the Photon Cannons.

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Fleeing Stalker




The other achievements include “Drill Hard” – kill 20 enemy units with the laser drill on “Hard” difficulty; and “The Dig” which involves collecting 3 Protoss relics and keeping the drill intact.


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Ultimately, your strategy needs to be one that you have created. Watching others helps tremendously, but trying to copy the strategies of others leads to problems. You’ll get lost in a sequence that’s difficult to remember.

Generally, the strategy in The Dig is to build up a decent defense so you can concentrate on destroying enemy structures at the end.

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The Dig: My mission on Brutal


Quotes from the siege tank driver


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