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The Hyperion Battle Cruiser has picked up a distress signal.

Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay listen to a call for help from Dr. Ariel Hanson telling of how the Zerg are overrunning the planet and killing everyone.

Jim decides to take time out from the “revolution” to rescue her and her people – a farming community.

The job they undertake is to guard transport trucks as they take farmers and their families to the starport, so they can get safely off the planet Agria.

Be Careful: don’t go killing the farmers


Be careful here, if you stuff things up you’ll get a mouthful from Dr. Hanson.

If you deliberately kill any of the farming people, she will really get stuck into you, and so she should; that would be a war crime.

So just don’t do it!

Don’t even think about it! OK?


On Brutal

Doing it on Brutal is intense, as you’d expect – but doing it and satisfying the requirements for all the achievements, is something that I always thought was impossible.

But I had a go anyway.

It’s keeping the two bunkers alive that is the problem. Otherwise, you could just build a sizable force and run alongside the transport trucks.


All the achievements can be gotten on “Hard” difficulty. The strategy I use on “Brutal” is perfectly okay on any level.

You need to get five trucks through unmolested to finish the mission. To get the transport achievement every truck needs to make it, none lost. Got it? Right.

There are three chrysalis specimens to be collected also. Those golden blob things – there are three.

It’s mostly about self-belief, everything else is just practice. The last time I played any StarCraft II was about 18 months ago, I think, so I am still a little rusty but expect to get better than my best shortly.

I only mucked things up twice before I got it done. Yesterday I had some practice on “Normal” and “Hard” levels of difficulty to familiarize myself with the mission. All in all, it turned out to be fairly easy – compared to Smash and Grab for example.

  • Keep an eye on the supply level number and try to stay ahead
  • There is no need to process a lot of vespene gas; you mostly need this for medics. Produce only a few units that require vespene – mostly the Hammer Securities mercenaries.
  • Notice how I ran out of vespene gas unexpectedly
  • I had Reapers available but didn’t use them
  • The marines are the most all-roundly useful units because they can take out air as well as ground enemy units, and they don’t require vespene gas to produce

My Game

I showed those Zerg

Things to Remember

  • Try to use hotkeys as much as possible; it’s much quicker when done well – this is an area where I can improve
  • Put all your buildings on control groups – I forgot to put my engineering bay on one. You don’t want to be going back to base all the time
  • Use the minimap to move from location to location – I still have the bad habit of moving the cursor to the edge of the screen which wastes a lot of time.

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Final Word

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I really like the StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Campaign. It has a lot of character, some humor, a good storyline, and it’s loads of fun.

Are you a gamer, if so, tell me about the games you like; I’d be interested to hear from you.

Thank you for reading. I would welcome any feedback or questions in the space below.


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2 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 gameplay: The Evacuation, Brutal, All Achievements

  1. Hello Garry. I’m not a gamer but I really liked this rewiew. I don’t have time to play games because I work a lot and I’m very sorry about that. You gave me a great description and I think I would really like it. Personally, I like games that require mental effort, have tactics and that raise your adrenaline. It seems to me that this game is the same and I think I would really like it. I will do my best to find time to dedicate to the game in the future.

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