In this article is my video-effort of the mission “The Great Train Robbery” on Brutal, with all the achievements. The strategy I use is good for any level of difficulty,

The main weapon is the combat vehicle “Diamondback”. I will also introduce you to one of the Diamondback drivers. After the mission, I intro the next mission and we learn how Matt Horner was once married.

I’m still learning

It is easily 12 months since I did this mission, and since I wasn’t at the time thinking about posting my games on YouTube, I can’t remember if I have ever been able to complete this mission on Brutal with all the achievements.

Mostly I didn’t care. Just getting the mission done was all I cared about with most of this campaign; just to say I did it on Brutal.

Getting achievements only requires “Hard” difficulty

Every achievement within the Wings of Liberty Campaign is achievable on “Hard”, or “Normal”.. But I intend to do them all on Brutal; most of them for the first time.

When I first started playing this game 3 years ago I never used hotkeys. My typing has much improved.

Beg Borrow or Steal

Revolutions don’t come cheap and Matt Horner has come up with a plan to make some money by robbing Dominion trains. He has also gotten wind of a sensitive object that The Dominion will try to smuggle off the planet. He hopes Jim can grab that too, from one of the trains. He’s not sure which one though, so they can’t afford to let any of the trains through.


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The mission takes place on Tarsonis, a planet which had its population wiped out by the Zerg.

The man behind this atrocity was Commander (now Emporer) Mensk.

He lured the Zerg in order to punish the people for not bowing to his authority and leadership. He decided he’d rather see the place burn.

Kerrigan (oh Sarah… sob)

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Tarsonis is also the planet where Jim’s last girlfriend, Sarah Kerrigan, died in battle – or so he thought.





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This is my 7th mission, and it is the mission that introduces the Diamondback fast attack tank. Since it’s all I got, it is very handy here. Later when siege tanks are introduced it doesn’t have much use. The following is an introduction to one of the Diamondback’s rather whacky drivers.



“I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy it; ha ha ha!”

Don’t you think he’s fantastic: well done to the voice actor.

Vespene Gas or Minerals?

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Vespene Gas Well

I start The Great Train Robbery mission focusing on processing vespene gas, but later I keep running out of minerals. Maybe that is a mistake you can improve upon.

I don’t bother much with medics or foot troops, just Diamondbacks and SCVs to repair them (which takes away from mineral production).

Time, sequence, and economic use of resources is key here. Don’t go getting too many SCVs, for example.

The Build

I built an extra garage, an armory, and a bunker (strategically placed). I didn’t bother much with the Barrack until the end. Neither did I call on the Merc compound, until the end.

Toward the end, The Dominion starts sending air units, so you will need marines to shoot them down. Good luck.


To get the “Bully the Bullies” achievement you only need take out one of the kill squads (there are two of these on Brutal), and the last train needs to be taken out early before you run into the 2nd kill team, or it’s game over for you.

As mentioned at the beginning, the strategy I use is good for any level of difficulty.

Mission Video “The Great Train Robbery”

It has been a long time since I played StarCraft II regularly.

As you might have seen I still have some bad habits regarding not using hotkeys all the time. It’s just lazy. Old habits die hard.

Certainly, in this mission you need to be all over the map: use the minimap to get there for God’s sake.

I didn’t. And there is nothing hard about clicking the “B” key when you want to build something, now is there?

I’m an old dog who never learned to touch-type, but I do OK! Don’t you think.

StarCraft II: Conclusion

I use it when I need to prepare myself mentally. I also read the Bible which does the same thing. “Seek ye first the Kindom of God and… (find it for yourself).

StarCraft II teaches you strategy and multi-tasking.

My goodness, I can’t even make a cup of coffee these days without trying to cut corners. Mostly so I can get back to the game.

Boil the kettle? No way; takes too long.

Football, Cricket, and Athletics

I have been good at all of these ( I ran against Ron Clark’s son at Xavier). Training is the key. Practice, practice, practice!

The last time I did this kind of thing

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Final Word

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I really like the StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Campaign. It has a lot of character, some humor, a good storyline, and it’s loads of fun.

Are you a gamer, if so, tell me about the games you like; I’d be interested to hear from you.

Thank you for reading. I would welcome any feedback or questions in the space below.





All in all, just enjoy the game.


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    1. Good to hear from again you Keuper!
      I’m glad you appreciated the guy in the diamondback, I thought he was funny too.
      I trust you can use at least some of my strategies.

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