All achievements on “Hard Difficulty” for mission 3, on the  Wings of Liberty Campaign,  in StarCraft II.

Even though it is only mission three, it is probably the hardest mission in terms of achievements, in the Wings of Liberty Campaign. I’m guessing that there are very few posts on the internet of “Zero Hour” on Brutal completing all 3 achievements. There may not be any. I did it on Hard.

I have completed this mission on Brutal – even killed 4 hatcheries

If you can wipe out all 8 hatcheries on normal there is a special “Feat of Strength” award.


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Final Word

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I really like the Star Craft II Wings of Liberty Campaign. It has a lot of character, some humor, a good story line, and it’s loads of fun.

Thank you for reading. I would welcome any feedback or questions in the space below.



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4 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 Gameplay: Zero Hour – All achievements on Hard

  1. I agree with you that Wings of Liberty Campaign, in StarCraft II is the hardest mission in terms of achievements! And I also agree that YouTube is a nice way to monetize our pasion for gaming. But I didn’t know that meanwhile we gathered these one thousand followers we could create a blog and start monetizing our pasion from it.

  2. My son is a big time gamer.  He is live streaming all the time and has quite a following.  To be honest, I don’t even know the games he plays, but I know he is not doing an affiliate work with the games because I have asked him.  I found this article interesting even though I didn’t understand all the references.  I am passing it along to my son so that he will think about affiliate marketing equipment, etc. the he used for gaming.  Interesting article….. thanks.

    1. In the same category on my website, I have written an article on World of WarCraft guidance software, which is a good example of how to monetize a love of gaming.

      I’m so glad you found this article interesting, and thank you very much for your feedback.


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