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The only difficult part of this mission is getting a good start. Once I mined the two closest mineral fields I get through the rest of the mission without further mining until the Zerge are wiped out. Then it’s just a matter to filling the quoter we came for.

Getting all the achievements isn’t difficult. What is tricky is the “Feat of Strength” achievement. The award notification does not appear in the video I have posted because I got it a year ago.


To get the Feat of Strenght award, you need to entice the Brutalisk out into the rising lava, so that it is incinerated. Just shooting it to death doesn’t get the award. You can see how it’s done in the video.


All in all

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All in all, this is a relatively easy mission. I love the Reapers.







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Final Word

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I really like the StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Campaign. It has a lot of character, some humor, a good storyline, and it’s loads of fun.

Thank you for reading. I would welcome any feedback or questions in the space below.


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2 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 play: Devil’s Playground – Brutal all achievements

  1. Hi there,

    Muchas Gracias for sharing this fantastic piece of Article plus review on StarCraft 2. This article is chocked full with lots of information at first sight of reading through it. Like I said in your previous article, this happens to be my first time of hearing about this game. tStarCraft2 seems like a pretty nice competitive game to play. I am glad I came across this. I am definitely getting this game and going all in for the Brutal Achievements. 


    1. I am very glad you found this interesting. SC2 is certainly a good brain exercise and helps you to develop multi-tasking skills.


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