Have you ever thought that if you could just get some good coaching your woodworking would improve? Would you like to build things that you would normally buy? Or better yet build a woodworking business from home?

If that sounds interesting, even exciting, if you can see yourself doing such a thing, then most likely you could.

All it’s going to take is a commitment, practice, and the right kind of coaching; and all of this can come about with minimal financial outlay.

In this article, there is a great guy Kirby,  I discuss and recommend, and I also point you in a good direction for DIY online business promotion training.

First, let me recount my entry into the world of woodworking.



Highschool Days

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Geelong College

I was a boarder at Geelong College in Victoria, Australia. Across the road from the school grounds, was a big old house that had been taken over by the college and converted into an industrial arts complex. It was mostly for woodworking.

There were three sections,

  • Woodwork Class workshop
  • The House of Guilds
  • Tech drawing classrooms

House of Guilds – The HOG, where I built a cassette box

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Cassette tape
subject image
Cassette tapes in their cases.

The House of Guilds was a place where students could go after school to “make things”. Usually, I had football or cricket practice so I rarely went, but it was a popular place to go for the boarders, as it was a good chance to get away from the boarding house for a while.

A lot of guys just hung out at the HOG. Then there was the HOM – House of Music – an old converted church, not far from the scoreboard in the picture below.

I did, however, find time to make a wooden cassette box for my large collection of music cassettes (recordings), in year 10.

activity image
Collège Cricket


Year 10 Woodwork

Throughout year 10, I had 2 hours a week of “Woodwork”. At the end of the year, I got the opportunity of having a week (5 days) to build whatever I wanted. I decided to build a set of speakers.

subject example
The speakers I made were similar to this one.

My parents sent me the money to buy the speakers (10-inch woofers, tweeters, and crossover units), and the school supplied the wood.

I used chipboard because I was told that the chips at different angles were better for acoustics. All the joins were reinforced. The insides were lined with special padding, and I laminated the outsides with one-sixteenth wooden laminate. The design was all mine.

They turned out to be very handsome and very loud. I put them in storage 12 years later and that was the last time I saw them (miss them). Due to circumstances, they were donated to a “Good Will” shop a few years after that, by friends of mine who were passing through Adelaide (by that time I was living north of Sydney, and in no position to do anything else but to let all my old stuff go).

My point is that with only a few hours a week of practice you can develop your woodworking skills enough to seriously consider building your own woodworking business.

Designing and making your own speakers

Have a listen to Kirby.

To share or like this video, or if you would like to see more of Kirby’s videos, go to

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Underground mine

I found Kirby’s video’s to be excellent. There is a garage downstairs that I could use as a workshop. I already have my electrical tools, I just need to add a few things. I have always liked carpentry better than electrical work.

For a long time, I was an underground mining electrician in Broken Hill.






Promote your business online DIY style

If you aren’t sure about building your own website then there is plenty of training available. The online training platform I work from. Is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate not long ago concluded a series of live weekly webinars on email marketing (part of their membership). The recordings of these can be accessed in the training section.



Video: The beginning of one of the email marketing webinars.

Wealthy Affiliate is better

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Wealthy Affiliate is better than WordPress, it’s better than Go Daddy, and it’s better than Blue Host (been there done all that).

After creating the website from which I now work, since last June, the average position my articles have been achieving in Google search engine results, is around 15, which lands them on the second page. Things have been improving quickly.

See the screenshot from my Google Site Kit opposite.

Last month my average position was 50.

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Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership


Rather than pay Google or in effect buy a front-page position in Google search engine results, you can use the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques taught by Wealthy Affiliate.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate click the button below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


As someone who did woodwork at school, and then went on to become an electrician. I have a solid trade background and I am very familiar with the satisfaction that comes with doing clever things with your hands.

All you need is a vision. Do you see yourself as someone who could be good at woodwork? You’ll never know until you go. I used to think that a lot while surfing a big swell.


Did you do woodwork at school? Did you make the obligatory magazine rack or coffee table? Were they good? Did you get any use out of them? Do you still have them? Tell us about it below.

Thank you for reading.

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