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Starting a marketing business can be done at relatively little cost if you go the affiliate marketing route. This is done online by partnering with companies like Amazon and Clickbank, blogging about the products they promote or sell.

  • There is no need to purchase or handle products
  • You provide reviews to help people to find the best products and services online.
  • The best and most authoritative reviews are those backed by research and personal experience.

Starting a business usually involves money spent on infrastructure.

Money is the product of time at work.

Starting this kind of business will cost you time. How much money it will pay you, depends on the quantity and the quality of time at work you invest. You also need to know how to impress Google search engines. You definitely need a good coach to get you rolling.


Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate;

  • Is the biggest affiliate marketing training in the world
  • The training they provide ranges from beginner to advanced
  • Has a wide variety of training from a wide variety of expert trainers with a proven track record
  • Focuses on SEO (search engine optimization)

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In this article, I will

  1. Discuss getting started at WA on a free membership
  2. Look at some benefits that come from becoming a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Give a brief run-down of the first 5 lessons in Level 1 of the WA Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (included with free membership).

How I felt when I first started


The training – jumping in


  • Takes time and shouldn’t be rushed
  • The sooner you jump in the better
  • I made a tentative start at the end of 2017, but then I put it off for over two years. I wish I hadn’t done that
  • Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been training people to start their own business online for 15 years.
  • WA’s training is multi-media. It involves text, video, and live coaching.
  • There is plenty of help available for when you feel you’re confused and drowning
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Will you sink or swim?


Online Entrepreneur Certification

Record of training
My record of training


As you can see above, there are 50 lessons in the opening training course.

You can do Level 1 as part of the free membership currently available (no credit card number required).  There is no time limit on completing those first ten lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Premium Membership

To continue there is a monthly fee of $49, with the first month greatly discounted if you upgrade within those first seven days. There are also other perks. The yearly premium works out less expensive than paying monthly.

Free Membership vs Premium at Wealthy Affiliate: Table


The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are so many experienced members on hand.

  • Help is never far away, 24/7, rapid response
  • There is an ultra-friendly community you can converse with.
  • You can create blogs for other members to read
  • You will get plenty of feedback on your blogs

The rigors of getting started


The first thing you will realize is that there is so much to learn and that there is a lot of work involved, so you’ll need energy and sticking power.

A lot of what you learn needs to be revised regularly. Forgetting the key points can be very time costly.

Brilliant writing skills aren’t necessary, but you do need to develop the ability to connect with people, which is where the benefit of interacting with the Wealthy Affiliate community becomes apparent.

By writing in-house blogs you quickly learn what does and does not engage people. There is even a ranking system that rewards you for success in that part of your development. The ranking system that Google search engines take into account your WA ranking when ranking your website.

There’s a lot to learn, it’s hard work, but it’s also exciting.

Owner Kyle: Online Entrepreneur Certification trainer

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Your instructor, Kyle, is one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, who assures us that over the last 15 years he has actively worked with almost 2 million people, a substantial number of these going on to create 6 even 7 figure incomes.

Piles – $$$ – of money aside, even a moderate amount of money coming in each month would give most people a substantial boost.

Kyle is one of those rare individuals who is very good at passing on the things he has learned.





Helping people

Affiliate marketing, in essence, is a business of helping people: the more people you help, the greater your success and greater your financial reward will be.

Online Entrepreneur Certification, Level 1, Lessons 1-5

Lesson 1: Getting Rolling

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In this first lesson, Kyle introduces himself and gives you a tour around Wealthy Affiliate, especially the highly, technologically advanced support system, operated by a specialist team of people.

There is also an important discussion centered around goal setting.

Basically lesson one is a sort of induction.

Lesson 2: Understanding How to Make Money Online

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Here you will learn about branding, and who your target audience will be.

This is where you begin to think about a niche.

A good niche to get into is one where you find a large group of people who all have a common interest and are more than willing to spend money on that interest, fishing, skiing, cooking, or DIY are a few examples.

There are around 4 BILLION people currently, who go online regularly: how many of these could you reach. All of these people could benefit from the services of someone from Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 3: Building a Website and Choose a Niche

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This is a fairly simple process with Wealthy Affiliate: especially when you have a video showing you exactly what to do.

The first step is to think of a website name that matches your brand or niche. Then you check to see if it is available as a domain name. For example for “Italian Cusine,” you would be checking to see if was available.

Let’s just check, shall we?

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As you can see, as of this minute,, is not available, however,, and, are available, and for a lot less than you would pay on another platform.

Time to build

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So by this stage, you will have a domain and a website name. Next, you need to choose your website design theme – there are thousands to choose from.

Once you have your domain, and I suggest you purchase a domain for around $15 (I found out why at a later date), you hand it over to Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder, along with the theme and the website’s name, and after 30 seconds it’s done.

Da dah! You have your brand new website which you can begin to customize.

Lessons 4: Building Your OWN Niche Website

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“OK, awesome. You now have your niche, in other words, the direction for your brand & business. That is great and don’t worry about this not being “perfectly clear” at this point, as you move forward the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together.

Starting with a big piece today, your website. We are going to be taking our niche idea and turning it into a tangible business starting with your website.”  Kyle; owner at WA

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Not sure about your niche?
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If you are not sure what a niche is, or what your niche is; Alexandra Sheean has written a very helpful article.

To read it go to:

Via video, Kyle will take you into a typical WordPress “backroom”, and showing how it functions. WordPress is the framework from within your website will function.

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

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Via video, Kyle will take you into a typical WordPress “backroom”, and showing how it functions. WordPress is the framework from within your website will function.

He will explain the purpose and function of plugins, which are additional pieces of software that allow your website to do specialized tasks.

The editing and image optimizing plugins come with your website already installed. There is a third plugin provided which takes some setting up, however. Kyle will walk you through this process.

Finally, there are sample pages, which come with every theme, which need to be discarded since they will only hamper your website’s performance later on.


There is a heck of a lot that has gone into the workings of Wealthy Affiliate that are not at all obvious to the casual observer. I was on another platform for a while (named after a color) and I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is far in advance. The other crew took three days to build my website, for example.

Building a website used to be and in many cases still is an arduous process, but not at Wealthy Affiliate.

What have been your thoughts and experiences?

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Drop me a line in the comment section below. Ask me anything you want.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

[no credit card number required]

Thank you for reading dear reader.





A core foundation of Wealthy Affiliate training is SEO. Click the button below to learn more about SEO.

What is search optimization?

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