Why buy a camping shower?

Perhaps you know of a great surf beach far from the “madding” tourists. Driving there is no problem, but the trip back is a kicker, especially if you got a little too much sun. Wouldn’t it be great to shower at a beach where there are no showers after you come out of the surf.

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Mootwingee rock hole

In my early days, I was a boy scout, and we did our camping in the Australian outback. We usually made do with a wet rag and some soap. Sometimes we camped near rock holes filled with water, or a windmill and tank. Great fun!

In this article, I’ll be looking at one design and two brands. Then I’ll be looking at the possible need for privacy, and a mat to keep your feet clean.

KICKASS Camping Shower

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The KICKASS camping shower from Australia is the best camping shower in the world. You can get it from  Australian Direct. I am not in anyway connected to this company, instead, I usually review products available on Australian Amazon. The KICKASS camping shower is not available on Amazon.

I have collected some information on the one from Amazon, which you can read further down, but in my opinion the “KICKASS” is much better and much cheaper at $49.00. To begin with the rechargeable lithium battery is built into the pump making a much more streamlined unit.

The Design

After extensive research, I think the design type used for the KICKASS camping shower  is easily the best. Many agree because of its,

  • Simple concept and design
  • Easily storage
  • Ease of carrying
    • It comes with a carry bag
  • Ease of use
    • Fill up a bucket with water
    • Throw in the pump
    • And you’re away, or should I say, “awash”

Check it out:

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The second camping shower I wish to show you is from “innhom”: the best I could find on Australian Amazon

inhomme’s camp shower: Benefits and features

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All you need is a bucket of water. The pump is placed in the water and the waterproof power pack can be attached to the hose.

  • Weighs 1.6 in, or just over 0.7 kg
    • easily carried if you’re hiking
  • Can be charged from USB outlets, such as your computer
  • Has adapter for your car’s cigarette lighter
  • The pump has a water filter which can be removed and cleaned
  • Relatively light and can be taken on hiking expeditions
  • Fully charged, the shower will run for 45 minutes
    • enough to last two people hiking around 4 days
  • The battery pack can be attached to the hose,
    • this keeps everything together nicely
  • If you consider it important to have both hands free there is a hook and a suction cup with a hook
    • The suction cup can be placed on a side window of your car
    • Then there’s a hook for a low tree branch
    • If the tree branch is too thick or too high, tie some rope around the branch and hook on to the rope

product review image

innhome camp shower Amazon


Camping Pop Up Privacy Tents

I like this fellow, he could be my friend. Notice the tent on the lawn next to him.

Peter, his dog… and a tent. Have a listen.

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Abco Tech: Pop up privacy tent

This tent has a slightly better design than the one you saw in the video.

product review image
Shower, toilet, change room, or shade for a toddler, even pop up shelter from the rain.

It’s lightweight but sturdy, and as you can see, has many uses: It’s shower recess, toilet, change room, or shade for a toddler, even pop up shelter from the rain.

The carry bag has a handle and back straps.

This is something that would allow you to set up a shower/toilet block where ever you choose. It comes with four metal mounting pegs to keep it in place.

The built-in locker-like storage bag means you don’t have to leave anything outside to stop it from getting wet. It is currently available on Amazon au. at the mid-range price of $109.99

Abco Tech Pop Up

Shower Mat

One thing you may not have thought of is what you stand on while showering. You want to keep your feet clean right. The following is just the thing.

Bamfan bamboo bath mat

product review image
Indoor or outdoor mat

This mat won’t absorb water, and has rubber feet, just the thing to keep your feet out of the mud which will inevitably form as the ground becomes wet (unless you’re standing on thick lawn).

Your feet will stay clear even if the water begins to puddle. At around $50 it’s a third the price of other very similar mats.

Bamfan Mat




I have done a lot of freestyle camping; in other words, not in camping grounds for tourists – but hardcore camping. This shower would have been fantastic. I grew up in the outback of Australia as I mentioned earlier.

Location image
So hot! Time for a swim at Mootwingee. Outback NSW, not far from Broken Hill.

Have you ever been rough camping? Do you have any camping stories? I’d love to hear from you. I’ve been on many a good camping adventure and some bad ones too. My mates and I have been washed out and scorched out.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the space below. I promise I’ll get back to you.

Thank you.


Email: garryjam@garrysmarketingsite.com
subject image
Kangaroos at Mootwingee. National Park after a drink from the rock pools


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4 thoughts on “The best camping shower 2020: road surf camp

  1. Hi Gary,

    You made me think of my July 4th weekend camping every year for last several years. This year our group could not make it because of the pandemic. 

    Showers at some camping sites are better than others. As we always rent as a group, sometimes we end up far from the toilet and showering places. 
    This review made me think of buying a shower if it turns out to be on a budget. Always it is private for you not common like camping sites where cleanliness may be a problem. 
    we now will have an option of renting places where we don’t have to worry about showers. This shower construct is fairly simple and easy to assemble.

    1. Dear Anusuya,

      What excellent points you made. Yes indeed, trudging off to the shower and toilet block with all the stuff you need, and then sometimes having to wait in a line…, when all you need with a camp shower is a tap and a bucket.

      I did a camping tour around Europe on a bus. Staying at camping grounds most of the time. Camping at camping grounds is nothing like camping in the country away from populated areas, but a portable camp shower and privacy tent would have made it so much better.

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments, and I hope you get to go camping again soon.

      Be in peace health and prosperity, all the best,


  2. Hello Gary, I haven’t seen anyone make use of this anywhere I am or on any of my camping trip and that makes me amazed how good it is and the benefits can be really overwhelming. I then to sweat a lot when emerging in such activities and having such shower would mean a lot of me, because getting that freshness would do a lot of good.

    1. Yes, Justin, it certainly makes a big difference being able to get clean at the end of the day with a camp shower. It makes sleeping much more comfortable.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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