The first thing a blogger needs must do is decide on a niche. This is an area of interest, something about which the blogger feels that he or she can speak with authority.

Bloggers give advice, make recommendations, and answer frequently asked questions they find in search engines and research tools that relate to their particular niche.

After a short time, a blogger can begin to monetize their work through commissions they earn when a reader follows a recommendation and makes a purchase.

You don’t need to have your own product, you can earn an income by discussing and directing people to what is available.

Toward the end of this article is a video tour of a typical start to a blog session.

Finding a niche

This a matter of zeroing in on something of interest to you and working out an angle that is relatively unique, so that you don’t get lost in a huge crowd of people saying the same thing as you.

A tremendous tool that will help you here is Jaaxy, which is available for free for Wealthy Affiliate members.

You put your self in the shoes of somebody looking for information, and what they might type into a search engine. This may be in the form of a question, a tutorial title, or an advertising slogan.

Let’s try “Best value mountain bike”

example image

The Jaaxy tool is telling me that this phrase is typed into Google’s search engine 125 times a month and that listings on the first page can expect 22 visitors per month.

It also tells me that there are 100 other articles that answer this inquiry which is deemed great by the Keyword Quality Indicator. The SEO score out of 100 indicates the chances of high rankings.

This all means that this is a scaffold for the title of an article worth writing, say “The best value mountain bike: light, durable, and inexpensive”.


You have an interest, an angle, not too much competition, now all you need do is some research.

You gather some hard facts that become part of your presentation of opinion and review.

You then tell your story, in a personable manner, in around 1000 words, and publish.

A blogger is a problem solver

The beauty of being a blogger is that you aren’t selling anything, you’re just giving advice and have no need to be involved with any merchandise.

Essentially a blogger is a problem solver.

Wealthy Affiliate

The largest platform in the world that people blog from is Wealthy Affiliate. This platform has a series of video tutorials that will walk you through all the things I have discussed so far and much more.

Below is a screenshot of the first 10 lesson menu of “Bootcamp”. There are 50 lessons in total. After that, there are several other courses.

subject course menu.

The point of convergence

subject image

Whatever you do, you need passion on one hand and hard work on the other to get to a point where these two things converge.

Getting to this point of convergence will open the door to success.

There are many things that have happened in your life, to set you up in the position that you are in.

You can use them.

subject image

Do you feel trapped?

Many have been trapped onto doing something they have no passion for and it’s hard to put much of an effort into it.

Blogging can be a very fulfilling and rewarding activity.

Helping people has a reward of joy as well as financial.

Making Connections

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will start connecting with people who can help you to succeed… many people.

Who knows, perhaps you are only one or to connections away from a key resource that could absolutely change the situation you are in, for the better.

The connections you will make at Wealthy Affiliate will become your leverage to clear your way.

Also, there is the “family” atmosphere At Wealthy Affiliate.

Help and friendship are available 24/7 in a safe environment.

A typical start to the day

The following is typical of my activity as I begin a blogging session.




Getting started is free. For seven days you get full access, after that, you still have access to several features, on which there is no time limit. This includes training. No other platform will give you this.

If you upgrade your membership within the first 7 days there are several bonuses. One of the owners will contact you and welcome you personally, and you’ll get a 59% discount on your first month’s subscription  ($19) – which is usually $49 US.

Get Started Now

If you’d like a final word from Scruffy my mate and me, click on Scruffy. I give a brief overview of what a free member can still do after the first seven days.

I trust you found this interesting. If you have any questions or have something to add, by all means, write something below in the comment section.

For an example of one of my blogs is on dog training
Dogs behaving badly





Thank you for reading and listening.



Appendix: Free Membership vs Premium

Free vs Premium Table #





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  1. I enjoyed your article. I find it be well written and easy to read. I know that you didn’t request a review, but still thought it was worth mentioning  🙂

    I think that many people can relate to this:  “Many have been trapped onto doing something they have no passion for and it’s hard to put much of an effort into it.” and that in these uncertain times programs such as Wealthy Affiliate just might be a way forward for a lot of people who are willing to invest time and whatever other little resources that they might have.    

    I too have learned over the past few months that Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing in general can be a constructive way to pass one’s time. To be honest I wish that I had discovered this sooner. 

    Keep the informative articles coming. 


  2. Well, learning is always a very good thing for me and I’m happy to see you inform us about this. I just have things planned to kick of my blogging career but didn’t know how to start. Your post serves as a very good kickstart for me. Maybe from here, I would be able to join this platform and make some money too from blogging.

  3. hello there. amazing review you have here it really dragged my attention as i was glancing through it i just could not ignore   it i really think that that this article is going to help a lot of people as it is going to help me also I too have learned over the past few months that Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing in general can be a constructive way to pass one’s time. To be honest I wish that I had discovered this sooner. thanks for sharing with us 

  4. I totally agree this is the in-depth activity of a pro blogger, I always loved the blogging profession although it not an easy job I must it worth it as there is a lot one can learn from being a blogger. Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

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