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In this article, I will be discussing email marketing core concepts which I learned about a few days earlier in a live webinar, attended by 100s of people from all over the world. The audience reaction was so enthusiastic that Jay (also known as magistudios) carried on for 2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour.

It was the first of a series of live webinars to get premium Wealthy Affiliate members up to speed on a new trend.


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Hello, my name is Garry, and it is my pleasure to share this with you. I had been thinking about the possibilities of email marketing for the last month, and online I kept running into people offering training but were asking for a lot of money.

I am an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate, and on their blogging forum I brought up the subject of the organization called Lurn. They are currently doing a heck of advertising on YouTube, looking for people who would like to learn about email marketing.

A fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate wrote back to me almost straight away and apparently was very familiar with these people. He goes by the handle Yumebloggers.

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He informed me that the last Lurn summit was free, with sessions held over a three day period. At the end of that, the pressure was put on for people to attend an offline event over a 10 day period.

It was very hands-on, with over the shoulder training, helping people to become successful right there. This somehow doesn’t line up with the way that I understand how it works – as you shall see shortly.

Tickets to this offline event were $10,000 each, and many spent a further $15,000 on extras and advertising – attempting to set up offline summits of their own no doubt.

With another fellow, I was promised a free book on email marketing, on the condition that I stay to the end of the Webinar, which was pretending to be live. After three and a half hours I left without my book. After 90 minutes I just had him blathering in the background. He was progressively getting more aggressive for people to sign up. He claimed to have been interviewed on TV about his successful business career and everything. Phooey!

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So you can understand how excited I was when I found out that Jay Neill would be doing a series of live webinars on Wealthy Affiliate, and I wouldn’t have to pay a cent. I know how good this fellow is, having attended many of his webinars.

Although Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that includes several features including training, the live webinars are available to premium members only ($49 per month or $498 per year).

Is email marketing dead?

I’ve heard this debate before, but ask yourself this question, “Do I have an email account that I use regularly?”

Secondly, people are giving out their email addresses quite often.

A key concept for email marketing success is being able to stand out among the crowd that is using email marketing.

Email marketing is not dead, far from it dear reader.

Email Marketing Core Concepts

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This session was recorded and available to premium members to rewatch as many times as they like.

An overview of the core concepts of email marketing


Baby boomers will remember a time when everybody inherently trusted door-to-door salesmen and women. Something that has become a thing of the past it seems, at least in most Western cities anyway. Sales work was so much easier back then.

But consider this:

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What if someone came to your door in nice white overalls, introduced themselves, and then offered to clean your windows for free.  All they asked in return was your permission to use your first name as a reference, provided they did a good job. Perhaps they even offered another free window clean in a month’s time.

You’d most likely accept, right? After all, who likes cleaning windows, most people don’t even have the proper equipment.

This is an astute business person. This is a person who is willing to make the effort to build a list of clients who trust and like them.

Email marketing is about building trust.

Email marketing is not about selling.

All forms of business would be wise to adopt this approach, says Jay.

The email sequence

sequence image

Above is the general sequence that Jay recommends, and all the way through, he stresses the point that it is important not to rush the process, and not to cut corners. He then goes on to cover all of the things shown in the graphic of the webinar outline.

This webinar was the first in a series. The next will be on at the end of this week.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate hop over to my review on Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

To be taken on a quick tour of Wealthy Affiliate by me:

To get started now, well… you know what to do.

What is free membership like at Wealthy Affiliate


I am really looking forward to the upcoming webinars.

Now would be a really good time to join Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you can see the way that there is an abundance of support available.

Generally, Wealthy Affiliate is a fun and friendly place, where you have the opportunity to develop a passive income and learn about things like email marketing.

If you have anything to say, some questions perhaps, by all means, leave something in the comment section below. I’d be glad to hear from you and promise to reply.



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7 thoughts on “What is email marketing for beginners & newbies?

  1. This is a well thought out expose of online business false prophets making large profits from individuals who have money to burn.

    You did an excellent job of justifying why to join Wealthy Affiliate. It is a no brainer.

    Way to go Garry.


    1. Excellent Edwin. Actually, I think it was the “Lurn” guy talking about email marketing, that I ran into. Everything sounded free until he started to wine about his expenses, and then he got really aggressive. I imagine the algorithm was waiting till I opted in. How many hours it would have gone on for, I can only guess.
      Thank you for your input. I liked the profit/prophet wordplay. Bad prophets making big profits. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

  2. Thank you Garry,

    E mail marketing is hear to stay as a lot of people want to read information at their leisure and is a great way for people to bond with the writer.

    I am just going through a process to find a e mail provider for both of my websites so that I can provide my readers with plenty of unique and genuine content to help them in their lives for through health and fitness.

    This information that you have shared has arrived at the right time for me.

    Thank you again


  3. Excellent article on email marketing, It so happen that I have watched Jays training on this topic, but unfortunate I have not set up my email marketing as yet. Why,  because I am somewhat very slow in my writing and my thinking on how to write it and format it.

    Reading this article it look so easy, but when it comes to put it all on paper, and spend hours on it still nothing. However, l am grateful for Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership, cause no matter how long it take me to really put it all together, I know I don’t have to worry about cost. Compared to other training platform out there, their fee was outrageous, and with no support for whoever own it.

    I will be going over the video and follow it step by step to complete my setup, I did follow his live thank you page training, but I have no campaign for visitors to go to, or any offer for them to get. 

    Over all this topic is well designed and explained in the simplest way for, as it states for beginners/newbies. 

    Thanks for this refreshing overview of Email Marketing Core Concepts.

    1. Hi, Affiliate for Amazon,

      People are such voters these days, if you started a personal diary and invited people to subscribe to that (like a reality show) I’m sure you’d get plenty of takers if you let it all hang out but withheld your identity details. Just be authentic like Opera Winfrey for example.

      Anyway, there is no need to rush getting your email marketing going, wait for a couple of weeks for your ideas to sort themselves out.

      All the best,


  4. Garry you have enlighten me very much on Email Marketing Core Concepts, even though I did watched Jays training on this, and understood it at the time, but after I went to sleep it all went away, the next day I try to recap and put things in motion, all I was able to complete was the thank you page, and no campaign to go with it, and any offer of encouragement.

    I sign up with Aweber, and have not done a thing with it as yet. I am thankful it is free. before I was paying for it and had to cancel because it was too much for me and I am on a fixed income monthly.

    Thanks for putting this complete Affiliate Marketing system and what it is all about, and how to market it and what to market. When I look on the overview of your website, I wonder if I would ever be half way this good in putting my website together.

    Excellent work.

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