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Why do you eat so much? It’s a craving for minerals. People and animals manifest abnormal eating habits when their bodies start crying out for nutrients. Horses, for example, start eating fence posts; humans snack.

Snacking generally leads to more snacking: extra vitamins, protein, or calories won’t help.

Eating carbohydrates, or fat, won’t stop the snack cravings either.

The craving for snacks is a cry for nutritional minerals which are fast disappearing from the food we eat.

Mineral Supplements

When an astute farrier notices their horses eating the fence posts, they know to give the animal more mineral supplements, yet this knowledge is yet to be considered relevant to humans

There are 79 minerals that have been detected in human tissue, and after much research over decades, 60 of them have been recognized as being essential to the general health and well being of the human body, and 60 minerals needed for a maximized immune system. Which is especially important these days.


Domestic animals exhibit similar behavior to snacking known as “cribbing”. They chew or gnaw on wooden structures such as feed boxes, doors, and fence posts.

An astute farmer knows that when an animal starts to crib, what they are really after are minerals. Such a farmer will immediately begin supplementing the animal’s diet with minerals in order to save

  • the animal’s life
  • vet bills
  • himself from replacing the fence
  • the barn from being eaten down

The important thing to remember about mineral nutrients is that if they aren’t in the ground where the plant is growing they won’t be

  • be in the plant
  • be in the animal that eats the plant
  • or be the human that eats the plant or the animal

Nutritional minerals have to have been in a plant before they can be readily absorbed by an animal or a human.

You may be taking mineral supplements, but unless they are made from plant-derived colloidal minerals they won’t be doing you much good.

Minerals in the Earth’s Crust

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Essential minerals appear in the Earth’s crust like chocolate ripple ice cream, not a uniform blanket I have a mining background and I know this well.

Mineral content in food crops can vary from plant to plant, so there is no way to tell what’s in a vegetable, for example, unless you drop by at a testing laboratory on your way home from the supermarket or fruit and veg store.

Furthermore, crop soils are becoming more and more mineral-depleted every year, because little attention is given to the mineral content or replenishment in crop soils because of financial constraints, except for nitrogen which helps the crops grow faster.

Salt and sugar cravings during pregnancy

Salt and sugar cravings are very common in animals and women that are pregnant. This is in answer to the body’s demand for minerals which are very important in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent birth defects.

Stop yourself craving snacks and save a lot of money

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Youngevity’s Healthy Body Start Pak. It contains 60 minerals, including calcium, chromium, lithium, selenium, vanadium, and zinc.

Youngevity produces a supplement package that is the most comprehensive of its type on the market.

Most importantly it includes 60 essential minerals. These minerals are the plant-derived colloidal type, which means they are 98% absorbable, unlike many popular brands.

There must be a multitude of people that use the Youngevity supplement “Paks” to stop snacking and lose weight without having to go on a diet.

Youngevity range of 7 Healthy Body Paks


Mineral Deficiency Diseases


Benefits of supplementing with Youngevity

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Youngevity’s Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak
  • It prevents over 400 relatively common illnesses
  • It will put an end to snack cravings
  • You’ll save money on snacks and prescription medication
  • You’ll feel much better – chipper even

Youngevity also has a special Healthy Body Weight Loss Pack

So why not give one of these “Paks” a try to see how you go. I thoroughly recommend either one.

Youngevity range of 7 Healthy Body Paks

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Betaine HCl

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Stomach acid is all-important for your absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. If you worry that your stomach acid has been weakened by those things listed below you can give it a boost by taking Betaine HCl before meals. Clicking on the image opposite will take you to Amazon.

  • Age
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Pain killers
  • Alcohol
  • A salt-restricted diet
  • Caffeine
  • Antacid medication

My Product Page Betaine HCl


Not much is know about the benefits of mineral supplements in mainstream Western medicine because

  • There’s no great amount of money to be made
  • If this knowledge became widespread, many specialist doctors would lose their careers
  • It’s considered quackery and unfashionable
  • The greatest interest at the moment is in genetic engineering and using it to do what is already universally done in the livestock industry using mineral supplements.

I wish you the best of health.

Thank you.


If you would like to offer some feedback or leave any questions you might have, I’d welcome you to do so in the section below.

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