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Learning a new skill is much quicker and easier if you have a coach or a teacher. There is no need to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Blizzard Games

World of Warcraft is very similar to StarCraft II. Both are real-time strategy wargames and both come from the Blizzard family of games. I started playing World of WarCraft before I discovered StarCraft II (SC2) and so I’m familiar with  World of WarCraft (WoC). My purpose here is to recommend Dugi Guides for World of WarCraft quests.

Further down you can see a video of Dugi giving his sales pitch. Dugi says it’s the best guide in the world. Would that be the World of WarCraft? (Bad joke)

The Importance of Quest Sequence

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Dugi says – and I totally get what he means – when presented with a new quest map, with a dozen or so new quests it is very important to know what order to do them in. As Dugi says if you don’t do the quests in the right order you will end up;

  • Going back and forth to and from the same location
  • Killing the same NPC
  • And wasting a lot of time

That’s when the game can begin to drag or frustrate you, even make you mad and you don’t want that now do you? Winning is what you want because winning is fun.

In StarCraft II, it is also very important to make the right choices as you move forward. This includes mission sequence, as well as armor, base, and tech upgrades. The right choices make a big difference. I make a point of telling people at the beginning of each recording I make about these things.

Getting a boost

Dudi describes his guide as a kind of GPS unit for WoW. It stays with you as you play and is applicable to over 3000 quests.

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A lot of the strategies I use in StarCraft II, I picked up from watching other people. Usually, however, I reshape these strategies to suit my style better and even invent new strategies I haven’t seen in the recordings I’ve watched.

Dugi’s “GPS” stays with you the whole time. There is an arrow to follow and instructions on what’s best for everything. I imagine that there will be times when I would like to deactivate it and try the game without having my hand held, but I would always begin with Dugi’s help.

I began looking at SC2 strategies from other people, on YouTube, at an early stage of my development. But still, there were quite a lot of restarts to campaigns during my development, precisely what Dugi’s Guide will help you avoid in WoW. It’s no fun restarting a campaign after you have gotten halfway through, or even gotten to the last mission.

Have a listen to what Dugi Has to say.


Click here to hear Dugi talk about his guide


Beginning in 2005

Dugi Guides began in 2005. Back then the instructions came in printed form. These days his software becomes part of the game. The software is download directly from the internet and there are 8 packages in all.

There is a free trial, and if you decide to purchase there is a 60-day guarantee. See screenshots of the guarantee and software list below.

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product review image

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Dugi says that he has a team working on constantly ongoing updates. That’s a good benefit because it means that they are constantly endeavoring to come up with better strategies that they will send to you after you purchase Dugi’s guide.


The great thing about real-time strategy war games (RTS) in my opinion is that they great exercise for your brain and they are really great for developing multi-tasking skills. On top of that, they are just so totally interesting.

What’s even better is getting tips from experts to get success quicker.

May you achieve great victories!

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If you have any questions or stories about overcoming a great difficulty in battle, please share them in the box below. Thank you for reading.



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  1. I have been getting frustrated because these quests have made me lose a lot of time. I started with Shadowlands and then Mists of Pandaria and then I kept on going but it’s what you explained. I need to follow a Quest Sequence. I’d love to check out this Free Trial! Thank you very much!

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